Renovation Ideas: Transform your property after water damage

Water damages creeping up anywhere in a property can quickly turn into a horrific nightmare for any homeowner. Besides, one of the most prominent reasons for property loss, water damages can creep up very quickly and silently. However, prevention is the best way to deal with this hazard, but brace yourself for a plethora of burdensome expenses if the damage is already done. 

Depending on the extent of the damages, a restoration may seem like your most viable choice to make your home habitable. Renovations come with an enormous financial burden, especially if you weren’t planning and saving up. 

There are ways to reduce this burden strategically, but DIY is neither strategic nor viable. Homeowners need to understand that they cannot DIY-their-way-out of water damages and restorations all the time. When water is involved, risks are abundant, for instance, the fire hazards if the electrical wiring is exposed. Hence, you require a reliable and practical solution by engaging an expert without wasting a second. 

Once you’ve hired a professional, you will have to make some crucial and impactful decisions. Planning a renovation is a time-consuming commitment, and you cannot initiate the project without doing your research. Keep reading to explore some ideas and tips to transform your property and eliminate all signs of water damage. 

Prevention First – Water Damage is Avoidable! 

Before we dive into the renovation ideas, we want to emphasize the need for prevention. Water damage is easily avoidable if only homeowners keep a close, vigilant eye on maintenance and repair needs. Neglecting leaking faucets, mold and mildew, clogged gutters, wet basement floors, and damp walls allows the problem to aggravate. 

We urge you to create a solid prevention regime and equip yourself with practical water damage tips and strategies. All it takes is a few minutes from your busy schedule to shut off the water supply to curb the damages of water leakage. So what are you waiting for? Arm yourself with strategies and tips that work well for your property. Unfortunately, most homeowners understand the need for preventive care after paying an enormous sum to fix the damage. 

Invest in Water-Resistant Flooring

Flooring is always vulnerable to maximum damage in cases of water damages, especially flooding. Floors that feature thick carpets aggravate the hazards because they readily absorb enormous amounts of water. What’s more, carpets and rugs take ages to dry, mainly if you don’t air them and leave them to dry in the sunlight. 

Floors with carpets are highly prone to water damage, and in turn, also susceptible to mold, mildew, and bacteria growth. Laminate flooring and hardwood aren’t very efficient either, as they tend to soak moisture. 

We advise you to invest in water-resistant flooring materials, for instance, treated concrete, rubber, ceramics, vinyl, and porcelain. These are all highly durable and aesthetically-pleasing options, especially ceramics and porcelain. Ceramics come in a delightful myriad of textures, patterns, and colors and can liven up any given space. 

If you live in a flood-prone area, we strongly advise you to invest in water-resistant flooring material. 

Upgrade the Kitchen 

There’s nothing worse than a flood gushing through your home, tearing the structure apart like a vicious monster. In most cases, the kitchen is the most heavily damaged space, which calls for a renovation as an absolute necessity after such catastrophes. 

Try not to agonize over the damages and loss, and take this as an opportunity to spruce up and upgrade your kitchen. Take out a home renovation loan and start planning a trendy and aesthetically ambient kitchen space. You can upgrade your appliances and invest in smart kitchen tools to reduce your electricity consumption and expenses. 

The cabinets, walls, and countertops are usually the most ravaged kitchen areas as they’re most susceptible to water damages. Consider transforming the floor plan or investing in French country-style cabinets with gold hardware and intricate carvings. Budget-conscious homeowners can opt for a rustic, farmhouse-style appeal with raw wood and earthly colors. 

You can transform the countertops by picking out a durable and eclectic marble texture or if granite appeals to your taste. We strongly urge you to invest in a sturdy backsplash and consider giving the walls a fresh coat of paint. 

Strengthen the Walls

The walls are the foundational element of the structural integrity and cosmetic appeal of your property. Unfortunately, walls that are unfortified are highly vulnerable to moisture and dampness. If you notice any signs of dampness or water build-up in the walls, call repair professionals immediately. 

It’s essential to emphasize the urgency of engaging a team of experts to curb and repair the damage without much delay. Once the damage is contained, it’s time to fortify the walls with strengthening materials and measures. 

Cleaning and drying out the drywall, wood stud, and framing is of the utmost significance. We advise homeowners to invest in a water-resistant material, for instance, ceramic tiles and concrete. In recent years, closed-cell insulation has emerged as a popular and practical investment to prevent floods, stains, and even foul odor. 

Can you afford to go overboard on the wall protection measures? If yes, then consider investing in marine-grade plywood that has undergone pressure treatment to enjoy a lifetime of durability. In most cases, homeowners have to repair both interior and exterior walls. This endeavor can get complicated, mainly if you live in an area with strict construction codes. 

Consider investing in sturdy siding materials that can withstand all exposures to moisture, be it water leakage or a hurricane. If there’s any structure damage, repair it to the core because any vulnerability can lead to eventual property loss. 

Basement Renovation 

Has your basement suffered mammoth destruction due to flooding? This unfortunate event is an opportunity to spruce up this often neglected and cluttered space on your property. You can renovate your basement into a rental space and jump into the room-sharing market with AirBnB.

You can also renovate the basement into a productive and well-organized home office. Consider dividing the space into multiple rooms to set up an impressive conference room to entertain clients and associates. You can also create a luxurious study with a library on the side and an exquisitely carved wooden desk. 


Water damages lead to devastating catastrophes, and watching your home fall apart is traumatic. But you must move forward and find a practical, financially efficient, and aesthetically inclined strategy to renovate your home. We urge you to focus more on structural fortifications and repairs than on the aesthetic appeal and cosmetic upgrades. If your budget allows it, you can transform the aesthetics and repurpose different areas to make them more functional.


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