Renovation tips for aging in place

Remodeling a home for aging in place will allow you or an aging family member to stay independent at home for longer.  An accessible renovation will improve function, aesthetics and make the home more accessible and comfortable for the future.

Peak Improvements in Edmonton is a full-service renovation company that offers age in place renovations. They share some renovation tips for aging in place.

General tips

When you’re planning an aging-in-place renovation in Edmonton, think about space for mobility and make everyday functions easier. A more extensive approach would be changing your home to an open concept layout, renovating to accommodate a master bedroom on the main level, and widening doors. If a bedroom on the main level isn’t an option, installing stairlifts is a good alternative.

Less intensive upgrades include swapping doorknobs with lever handles, installing sensor lighting at the entry of every room, and easy-to-operate hardware for the windows. Lever-style faucets are also more age-in-place friendly compared to knob faucets.

Kitchen tips

You can incorporate a few clever things into your kitchen remodel that will benefit aging in place. First, consider opening up the kitchen if you can. If you have the space, creating an open concept kitchen will give room for moving around with or without assistive devices. You don’t know if you or your aging loved one will need a walker or wheelchair in the future. You should also eliminate any throw rugs or mats that can cause trips and falls and install slip-resistant flooring. Read more about the best flooring for aging adults.

Insert custom storage solutions in your cabinets to make things more accessible. For example, the upper cabinets can have pull-down shelving, and the lower cabinets glide-out shelving. For your cabinetry hardware, consider D-shaped handles instead of knobs. They’re easier to grip and open. Recessed lighting can help illuminate cabinets and countertops to improve visibility.

Bathroom tips

If you don’t have one already, consider adding a bathroom onto the main level of the home and next to the bedroom. Make sure the bathroom is large enough to move around in, with, and without assistive devices. That includes space around the counter, toilet, and shower. You should also install slip-resistant flooring in the bathroom.

For fixtures, install a higher toilet for improved accessibility. You can even purchase a seat extender for your current toilet if it doesn’t need replacing. A touchless faucet in the sink will make washing up more accessible, and consider an adjustable shower head that can be used standing up or sitting on a shower seat.

Consider a bathtub to curbless shower conversion. Bathtubs are challenging to get in and out of, whereas a new shower can be an attractive and accessible addition. Install grab bars around the room, including near the toilet and inside and outside the shower or bathtub. You can find grab bars in a range of styles and colours, so you don’t have to settle for a sterile metal grab bar.

Choose an experienced contractor

Peak Improvements offers home additions and major home renovations in Edmonton. They work closely with their clients to provide transparent and honest advice on their home renovations. Their contracts are “Guaranteed Price + No Surprise Contract”, which means you’ll never be surprised with the work or expense at the end of your project. Whether you want to renovate to age in place, sell your home, or improve your lifestyle, Peak Improvement can bring your vision to life.

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