Renovation tips for large bathrooms

Large bathrooms have a lot of potential and ways to use the space, but only with the right design. Wide-open layouts with little décor can lead to the bathroom feeling too expansive instead. With the right furnishing, planning, and care, your bathroom will feel like a cozy, luxurious space.

C. A. Rutledge Contracting Ltd. in Langley is a professional general contracting company. They share tips and ways to make your large bathroom more welcoming:

Make the most of corners and walls

Not only does adding corner storage or cabinets maximize otherwise wasted space, but it also helps add some dimension to the room. Adding curves instead of hard corners and angles creates the illusion that the walls are closer together. It also helps soften the room. Building up onto the walls as well, with art or even plants, is another trick. Instead of large open walls, it gives the eye something to look at and breaks up the space.

Colour is key

For a large bathroom, paint and colours will play a major role in helping with the spaciousness. Light or bright colours will add to the space, reflecting light and making it feel even bigger. Instead, rely on dark colours to help draw in the walls. Then, leave the cabinets and flooring a bright colour to help offset the two tones. That will bring balance to the room and add dimension throughout with the right shades.

Add furniture

Furniture isn’t typically added to bathrooms, but it’s a great addition when you have the space and is common in large master ensuites. Comfy chairs can add to that spa-like feel and add a sense of luxury as well. It also helps add some dimension to the room by breaking up an otherwise completely open floor. Adding large plants is another idea, especially to add some greenery or colourful flowers to the space. Plants have many health benefits, which when added into a spa bathroom, makes them the perfect addition.

Use rugs

Even if you have heated flooring in the bathroom, rugs can do wonders for breaking up space. Just like in an open floor plan, thinks of rugs as delegations for the room. Place a pair by the bathtub and shower to separate the washing area and a plusher one by the sink as the mirror and preparation area. If a rug addition is just for visuals, pick a large statement rug and place it in the center of the room. That way, it will act as a focal feature in the bathroom and help break up the space.

General Contractors in Langley

From start to finish, C. A. Rutledge Contracting Ltd. is there for every step of the way. They pride themselves in helping create unique and value-boosting renovations that can be enjoyed for years to come. For qualified and skilled general contracting help, they are the company to call.

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