Renovation Tips for Small Kitchens

Year after year, kitchen renovations continue to be one of the most popular home improvement projects. The kitchen is considered the hub of the home and having an updated, functional kitchen is important to homeowners. Homes with beautiful and modern kitchens also have good marketability and hold a higher value on the real estate market, making a kitchen renovation a savvy investment for the future.

If you have a small kitchen, don’t dismay. There are still things you can do to make the most of your small space, add function and value to your kitchen and home. Four Elements Construction operating in the greater Edmonton area is a full-service home renovation specialist. They offer complete design and renovation services for every room in the house, including kitchens. They share some tips for renovating a smaller kitchen:

Maximize counterspace.

The biggest issue with small kitchens in an older home is the lack of counter space. If you’re stuck cutting veggies in the 2-foot space between the stove and fridge, you likely could appreciate a little more space.

Plan to use every inch of space that is not occupied by appliances for countertops. It might mean swapping out your extra-large double sink for a functional large single. If you’re doing a major renovation, you could open-up the wall between the kitchen and dining room or living room, if structural components allow. Instead of a wall dividing the rooms, install a peninsula to give more countertop space and additional cabinets. Open concept homes are very popular and for good reason!

Open concept kitchen renovation by Four Elements Construction.

Adding and organizing cabinets.

Your current kitchen might have a space between your cabinets and ceiling. Consider replacing your cabinetry with extra long cabinets that reach the ceiling for additional storage space. You can also have two rows of cabinetry but installing upper cabinets above your existing ones. Not only will these ideas give your small kitchen more functional storage space, it will also give it a more modern look.

You can also choose to install cabinets that have glass windows in the door instead of solid wood. This will bring the eye to the back of the cupboard and make the room look larger. This is only a good option if you can keep your cabinet’s organized and clear of clutter. If not, opt for solid wood doors.

Roll-out shelving inside your deep cabinets can allow you to easily store and access more items. Compared to stacking and cramming things into your cabinets, this effective storage solution will give you more space in the cabinets you have and is a good solution for tight kitchens.

Keep things light.

If you want a small room to appear bigger, choose light colours for your cabinets and wall colour. You can even choose to paint the walls the same or similar colour as your cabinets to erase any lines that might stop the eye. Light colours will also reflect light from both the light fixtures and the window, making the space feel even bigger. If you want to add colour, consider some bolder colours in the backsplash and decorative accents. Read more ways to make a small kitchen feel bigger.

General Contractors in Edmonton

Four Elements has access to some of the best construction trades in the greater Edmonton area and they have known some of their trades for more than 30 years which assures the quality of your home renovation. Four Elements focuses on the referral and repeat business that comes with doing a professional job and providing exceptional customer service and earning each new home project.

Their services include plan, design, and renovation for:  kitchens and bathrooms, living and sleeping spaces, full home remodels, exterior remodels, and home additions.

Ready to start your renovation? Contact Four Elements Construction Inc.!



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