Renovations that can pay you back

Your property is one of your biggest investments and you can get a big return on that investment with smart home renovations. Most home improvement projects will increase your home’s value, but some have better return than others. In fact, some can start to pay you!

Garden Suites

The City of Edmonton defines a garden suite as a separate dwelling on a residential property that is self-contained. This means it has a separate sleeping and/or living area, kitchen and bathroom. Some garden suites can be attached to the garage or are a stand-alone building.

Garden suites are becoming more popular in Edmonton’s mature communities. They allow homeowners to earn steady income from renting them out to tenants. Garden suites are a healthy way to add affordable housing and diversity to established neighbourhoods. They use existing infrastructure and community amenities and are a healthy and sustainable way to add urban density.

They will add value to you home, as other savvy investors will like the revenue potential. In the meantime, this construction project will literally pay you every month, off-setting it’s cost overtime.

Basement Developments

Basement developments can also pay you back. Build a secondary suite in the basement and you’ll reap the same benefits you would with a garden suite with rental income. If you want the basement for yourself, a professionally finished basement will almost double your functional living space. Cost vs. value reports state that basement renovations have a 70% return on investment. So, you’ll see your property value increase by 70% of your basement development cost at resale. In the meantime, you’ll enjoy that extra living space.

Major Renovations

Both of the above projects would be considered a major home renovation. Kitchen renovations, master suite additions and whole house renovations are also in this category. Major renovations will increase resale value and your quality of life in the home. You’ll love cooking and entertaining in a brand new, modern kitchen. Or perhaps you’d like to remodel your main floor into an open concept layout. Your major home renovation might even be an addition, or a complete overhaul of your home’s exterior.

Whatever the case, RenovationFind certified companies can help design the major renovation of your dreams and ensure it will add value to your home. They will be with you every step of the way, from conception through construction and completion. Their mission is to exceed your expectations by providing the highest-quality products, workmanship and customer service.

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