Repairing large holes in drywall

Accidents can happen at any time. Things can get knocked over or bumped and this can lead to holes in the drywall. The process to fix the holes can depend on how large they are and gets more complicated the larger they are. Smaller holes can be an easy patch job, while larger ones require installing a new piece of drywall and professional help.

When it comes to installing and repairing drywall, Glacier Drywall Systems in Calgary has extensive experience. Repairing holes in drywall can be an extensive chore, especially the bigger the hole is. When patching unsightly accidents, it’s an extensive process best left to the pros. They’ll ensure the repair is seamless. Glacier Drywall shares more about the process:

Patching a hole

First, the drywall contractor will cut around the hole to end up with a section with straight sides. For the new piece of drywall to stick, backing strips will need to be installed on the inside of the hole. They will cut a patch to fit the space and screw it to the backing strips. It’s important to screw the old board to the backing as well so that the patch and the old board cannot move separately and crack the tape joints.

Smoothing the area

Once the new piece is in the whole they’ll place the joint tape on the edges of the new patch with the existing drywall to tape the seams. This tape will then be covered with a thin layer of drywall joint compound. Once it dries, it gets scraped off it with a knife to smooth it down. Adding layers of the compound, slowly build up around the hole. This typically takes three layers.

Last steps

Next, the installer will use a sanding sponge to smooth the dried compound. Making sure never to over-sand which can cause the tape to show. It’s now time to prime and paint to match the paint on the rest of the walls. Depending on how large the patch job was, it might be difficult to match the paint. This might be an opportunity for a full paint job of the ceiling or walls.

Get help if you need it

Patching a drywall hole can be an extensive process. If the hole is too big, entire sheets of drywall might need to be replaced. While small repair jobs can be easy enough to handle on your own, bigger ones might require someone experienced. Be aware of how far your skills extend, and what you need help with. Don’t hesitate in getting help when you need it, or you might end up with noticeable patch jobs on the wall.

Drywall Contractors in Calgary

Glacier Drywall Systems is a full-service drywall company committed to delivering high-quality services. From renovation and repairs to bigger jobs such as new builds or general contracting, their experience is extensive. From holes caused by accidents to leaks damaging walls that need to be replaced, their knowledge will have your home back up to standard. Their familiarity with renovations and repairs means that your home is in good hands and will look new again. They also specialize in unique drywall ceilings.

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