Residential Electrical Safety Warning Signs

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Your electrical system runs through your entire house. Though it is a great technology that allows us to power our homes, your electrical system can be a hazard if it is not installed and maintained by a licensed electrician. In fact, bad DIY electrical work or faulty wiring can be fire and electrocution hazard resulting in serious injury and even death. Here are some electrical safety tips for you and your family:

Your breaker continues to trip.

If your break trips for a second time, immediately after you have reset it, then you have an electrical problem. It could very well be an issue with the breaker itself, but in some cases, it means that there is too big of an electrical load operating on the circuit. If you keep pushing the breaker you could start a fire. The best thing to do is to call the best electricians in Edmonton to inspect and repair it for you.

You have flickering lights.

Your lights will flicker if you have a fixture that is worn out and needs replacing or if there is a loose wiring splice. Make sure you turn off the power in your house before inspecting the wiring and fixture. You can replace the fixture entirely, or if you’re unsure, call an electrician. Learn how to install a light fixture.

There is an outlet that feels hot.

This means there is too large of a load going into that outlet. It could be from too-small wiring or a loose splice. Check the wattage of whatever electronic you are using out of that outlet. It might be too large for the wiring. If it still feels warm to the touch, call an electrician.

You can smell burning but can’t find the source.

You need to call an electrician immediately! Improperly installed, worn out or damaged wiring can initially cause a burning smell before becoming a small fire. If you smell anything, turn off the power, circuit breaker or remove the fuse for that circuit until an electrician can come examine the problem and make repairs.

You keep getting a small shock from switches or outlets.

Besides being physically unpleasant, this is a sign that something is wrong with your electrical system. It could mean that the switch or outlet needs repair or that the device plugged into the outlet or switch has a problem. Remove the device and if the problem persists, the outlet or switch will have to be inspected and replaced. It is a good idea to have the wiring in the area check out too.

Do you detected any of these warning signs? Call the best electricians in Edmonton!


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