Home insulation options that boost energy efficiency

Energy efficiency and thermal performance are becoming more important for homeowners. And more homeowners are considering R-value when opting for green home upgrades.

What is R-Value? This insulation rating (including windows and doors) indicates how well the insulation stops heat from escaping. R-values also indicate how much unnecessary heat is getting into the house. Insulation with higher R-values generally offers better control of the heating and cooling of your home and can lower energy bills. An essential component of increasing your home’s thermal performance is insulation.

Choosing insulation for your home

When it comes to home insulation, there are several types to choose from. Like any product, each has its own benefits and drawbacks. In this blog post, you’ll learn about the most common types of insulation and why spray foam insulation is often the best choice for homeowners. If you need insulation for your home, connect with Empire Drywall in Edmonton for expert installation.

Fibreglass insulation

Fibreglass insulation is one of the most common types of insulation. It is made from small fibres of glass that are woven together. Fibreglass insulation is often installed in batts or rolls and is relatively inexpensive. Additionally, it’s easy to install and widely available.

One of the drawbacks of fibreglass insulation is that it can be irritating to handle. In addition, it can release tiny glass fibres into the air if it’s not installed properly. Additionally, fibreglass insulation can sag over time, reducing its effectiveness.

Cellulose Insulation

Another common type of insulation is cellulose insulation. This insulation is made from recycled paper that’s been treated with chemicals to make it fire-resistant. Cellulose insulation is often blown into attics and walls using specialized equipment.

One of the benefits of cellulose insulation is that it’s made from recycled materials, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Additionally, cellulose insulation effectively reduces noise transmission, making it a good choice for homes in busy areas.

However, like fibreglass insulation, cellulose insulation can settle over time, reducing its effectiveness.

Spray Foam Insulation

Finally, there’s spray foam insulation. This type of insulation comprises two chemicals combined and sprayed into walls, where they expand and harden into solid foam. Spray foam insulation is often considered the most effective type of insulation because it provides an airtight seal that prevents air from escaping.

Spray foam insulation also has several other benefits. It’s incredibly durable and won’t sag or settle over time. Also, spray foam insulation can help reduce noise transmission and improve indoor air quality by preventing mould growth.

Why Spray Foam Insulation is the Best Choice

While all three types of insulation can be effective, spray foam insulation is often considered the best choice for homeowners. Not only is it the most effective at preventing air leakage, but it’s also the most durable and longest-lasting insulation option.

Additionally, spray foam insulation can provide added benefits, such as noise reduction and improved indoor air quality. While it may be slightly more expensive than other types of insulation, the long-term benefits often make it well worth the investment.

Improve energy efficiency with Empire Drywall

If you’re looking to boost the thermal performance of your home, Empire Drywall in Edmonton can help you attain this with their spray foam insulation services. They work with Jaymam Built’s Path to Net Zero project to help create Alberta’s most energy-efficient houses, providing spray foam insulation services. Spray foam insulation does not compare to others when combined with other net zero technology.

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Empire Drywall’s insulation installations, and residential contracting services, are all backed by warranty and the company’s commitment to high-quality work. In addition to insulation, they offer homeowners drywall, tape and texture, and painting services.

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