Restore and don’t replace natural stone tile and granite                            

Natural stone tile and granite add great value and appeal to any home. Tile can be used to accentuate a kitchen wall or add visual appeal to a bathroom or shower. Granite countertops are durable and striking, making them a great feature in any kitchen. But when these features become worn or damaged, it takes away from the appeal. Before planning for a replacement, consider the benefits of restoration instead.

Shiny Stone Care in Vancouver is a professional restoration specialist company for any natural stone. They share some of the benefits of restoring your tile and granite materials:

What is stone restoration?

Professional stone restoration is a service that restores your natural stone to the pristine state it once was when it was first installed. Restoration involves a range of work that can include a simple cleaning to detailed honing and colour enhancement. Shiny Stone Care can remove scratches, stains, and etches, as well are repair chips, re-grout, and re-seal.

Save much more

Depending on the scale of work involved, replacing either tile or granite can cost nearly as much as the initial installation. Between the work needed to take out the natural stone, prepare the surface and finally reinstall again, it’s not worth the cost. Unless the damage is beyond repair, a restoration will save much more time and money. Plus, you’ll save old materials from ending up in a landfill.

Restore tile’s luster

When installed as a feature shower wall, tile will eventually become dull with dirt and coatings like soap scum. As that happens, it takes away from the luster and visual appeal. Tile grout can also become dark and dirty and even risk unwanted mould growth. Instead of tearing out the tiles, a simple restoration will return the tiles to looking brand new. Natural stone tile can also be enhanced to return that shine to its surface. With tile restoration as well, the surface is cleaned and re-sealed to ensure a long lifespan.

Fix chemical damage on granite

Granite is a popular material for many reasons, foremost of which is its robust and durable nature. As a hard material, granite can easily withstand scratches, marring, or chips. If granite is also regularly kept sealed, there’s no risk of bacteria or dirt settling into its surface.

Still, granite isn’t completely safe against chemical damage that causes etching and dulling. Fortunately, a professional restoration can fix and restore the granite at much less cost than a replacement. Once restored, you can enjoy the granite’s same value and visual appeal as though it was brand new again.

Tile and Granite Repair and Restoration in Vancouver

Shiny Stone Care specializes in natural stones of all kinds and their care and upkeep. They can work with tiles, floors, shower, countertops, and more when it comes to restoring, replacing, or re-sealing your natural stone. With their help, your natural stone additions will look brand new again.

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