Tips for restoring and renovating a heritage home

Older or heritage homes have certain benefits and appeals that can’t be replicated in new builds. The lasting history and charm are present throughout the home, but with age comes the need for maintenance, renovations, and sometimes restorations.

Reid Developments in Vancouver is a professional home renovation company. They share the best approach when restoring and renovating a heritage home.

Restore what gives it character

Many elements give a home its unique character, whether it’s the architecture, colour or specific features. But it also is the little details such as trim, siding, doors and flooring. Some of these elements may not be standard or even available on the market. So keeping these features and restoring them to their former look and quality is a vital part of choosing to restore. These can’t be replicated easily, so leaving those historic touches maintains the home’s historic appeal overall.

Do a home inspection

Do a home inspection if you aren’t sure where to move forward after restoring the little details. With a heritage home, there are likely some things that need replacing or updating. That could be outdated plumbing, old wiring, asbestos or old insulation. These things should be renovated to comply with modern building codes. Not only will that keep your home safe, but it’ll also help boost its efficiency and overall value.

Renovate within the style

It’s tempting to walk into a heritage home, look around, and decide the outdated layout needs gutting. The risk is that it completely strips that home of that essential character. Modernizing one space will stand out starkly against the other traditional rooms. Instead, if the kitchen space looks outdated or is too small, find a way to renovate it with a traditional look. For example, the range of colours and styles in granite countertops can easily fit a traditional space. With new cabinets, opt for a classic wood style or a pastel colour, so while it’s new, the look feels historic. Your contractor can help with these style choices so you don’t lose your home’s heritage. That is what makes it so special.

Add space as needed within style

Not all heritage homes will be large and spacious, but it can be done if you need more room. Home extensions or additions are a great way to add that much-needed space or extra room. While you can design the new addition to transition from old to new, a matched style maintains that flow. In addition, it maintains historical authenticity, which may be important to some homeowners.

Home renovations in Vancouver

Reid Developments has constructed and renovated homes for over 25 years. Their work has consistently showcased quality and attention to detail at every step of a building or home renovation project. Their team has done everything from sleek, modernized designs to heritage restorations. If you’re looking for a trustworthy contractor that provides quality results and friendly customer service, start with Reid Developments.

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