Restoring Your Home’s Exterior with Olson Exteriors

Over time, damage can occur to our home’s exterior. Whether it be accidental damage or wear caused over the years, or Canada’s crazy weather striking again, there comes a time when your home’s exterior may need some restoration. Olson Exteriors in Calgary has been in business for over 35 years and knows how to help you restore your home’s exterior. 

Rain, snow, and hail damage

Canada has a long winter season, and our homes take a beating in the cold weather. If you have areas of your home’s exterior that are in need of repair, rain and snow may make it worse. Your home may be prone to leaks, water damage, and mould. Hail can also cause damage to your home’s exterior, breaking off siding or causing holes in weaker areas. Olson Exteriors knows that the weather heavily affects your home’s exterior, and has the knowledge and tools to keep your home safe and protected. They will also work with your insurance company so you can use your claim to fix your home from storm and hail damage.  

New siding

While new siding is great for your home’s curb appeal, it comes with many other benefits too. Most importantly, siding will protect your home from the elements and ensure no moisture is getting in your home. New siding will also improve you home’s energy efficiency. Improved thermal performance will result in lower energy bills and saving money over time. With boosted curb appeal comes increased resale value. Plus, you’ll really enjoy how your home is going to look with new siding installed!

Soffits, fascia, and eavestrough repairs

The soffits and fascia are crucial to your home’s roofing system and exterior. The fascia is the board that attaches to the edge of your roof. Not only does it give your home an attractive finished look, it also supports the gutter system and prevents pest from entering the attic. The soffits are the material installed beneath the eaves of your roof. They usually have vents in them to assist with air circulation in the attic. When you soffits are damaged, it could diminish ventilation, curb appeal, and leave an open door to the attic for pests like wasps and squirrels.  

Eavestroughs are also very important to maintain, as they direct water away from your home, protecting your roof and foundation. Sometimes, the eavestroughs go without maintenance, leading to the need for repairs. Olson Exteriors specializes in these features of your home. They can ensure that each feature not only looks great but functions properly. 

Exterior Renovations in Calgary

Beginning in the 1980s in new construction, Olson Exteriors has evolved into a  capable and conscientious renovation specialist. They have worked alongside insurance companies, contractors, and restoration companies to resolve hail, fire, and wind damage to exteriors. Update the look and value of your home today with Olson Exteriors!

For more information, visit Olson Exteriors today!

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