Return on Investment of Cabinet Painting in Calgary

When it comes to doing home renovations, the options are endless. So how do you ensure the best ROI possible? Kitchen renovations often offer a greater ROI compared to other interior work. Bathroom renovations can also go a long way.

Can Do More Painting – Renovation & Design provides suggestions here. Learn how they can deliver a great ROI with cabinet painting in Calgary and other renovations

Save on your kitchen renovation with cabinet painting

According to recent cost vs. value data, minor kitchen renovations have the highest return on investment compared to other interior home renovations. You can recover over 71% of your kitchen renovation cost at resale. That’s significant!

Cabinets take a large chunk of your kitchen renovation budget, and many homeowners believe you have to fully replace your cabinets to get a new look. This is expensive and time-consuming. It means removing your cabinets, countertops, sinks, faucets, and in some cases, the backsplash. That labour alone is significant. Add in the takedown and replacement of all these other features, and your costs will soar.

Instead of that cost and headache, consider cabinet painting! Cabinet painting, also known as cabinet refinishing, will noticeably reduce costs without impacting results. In doing so, you’ll have an even higher return on your investment.

With cabinet painting, you keep every portion of your cabinets. Here, the renovation focuses solely on painting or staining all exposed aspects of your cabinetry. Your contractor will remove doors and drawer fronts, strip them of all existing finishes and then repaint or stain them to your taste.

Can Do More Painting – Renovation & Design are experts in all-things-cabinet-refinishing. Their thorough preparations and cabinet painting processes will ensure a professional look that will get you that sought-after ROI.

Painting your bathroom cabinets 

A midrange bathroom renovation will further improve the value of your home. Just as kitchen cabinet refinishing (instead of replacing) is a lower-cost/high-impact choice, the same goes for your bathroom cabinets. Bathrooms are also one of the most used rooms in the home. Cabinet painting will improve your bathroom’s look and function and help boost property value.

Other minor modifications to your kitchen and bathroom include countertop replacement and new cabinet hardware. While your cabinets are being repainted, painters in Calgary can also add fresh colour to kitchen trim or interior bathroom doors.

Paint the walls, not just your cabinets

You’ve decided to refinish your kitchen and bathroom cabinets to increase your home’s value. In addition, house painting in Calgary is also a value-adding renovation. Opting for a fresh coat of paint on the walls or little touch-ups to high-impact areas can increase marketability. Remember, new paint can also help maintain your home’s value over time. Either way, don’t choose bold or extreme paint colours if you want to sell at some point, as it could deter buyers. Choose neutral colour options for better value.

Can Do More Painting – Renovation & Design paint and renovation experts can offer all the above services and more! Contact them today to discuss cabinet refinishing, interior painting and other renovations.



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