Revamp your kitchen with these three upgrades

There are many ways to upgrade a kitchen. However, it can be hard to know where to start. These days many homeowners are opting for a sleek and modern look with clean lines. The question is, what aspects of your kitchen can you renovate to achieve this?

CJH Projects in Winnipeg offer three suggestions to help you start planning your kitchen renovation.


This is a big one. Upgrading your kitchen cabinets will provide an entirely new look. There are many styles of cabinets you can choose from. Moreover, new kitchen cabinets can come with increased functionality as well. For example, soft-close drawers and doors offer a quieter closing experience. White cabinets are a timeless choice, and colour accents will add a pop. You can also improve the look of your cabinets with new hardware.


Regarding countertops, it’s all about choosing the best material for your needs and budget. Do you want a more durable countertop, or are aesthetics your chief concern? Again, white countertops are a common choice for a modern look. Granite and quartz are also common materials that provide durability and style. New countertops can become a significant part of your kitchen renovation budget. So, be sure to discuss yours with your contractor. Then they can offer suggestions to fit your budget and style.

CJH Projects will use their kitchen renovation experience to assist in choosing your perfect countertops. Their skilled team of professionals will also make the installation process seamless. This way, you’ll be enjoying your new kitchen in no time.


For some homeowners upgrading their kitchen backsplash may not be top of mind. Nevertheless, updating a backsplash can truly enhance style. There are so many options for choosing a new kitchen backsplash. This is an area where you can play if you want a little pop. On the other hand, you can also choose a neutral backsplash to complete a clean and modern look. From white subway tiles to warm marble to bold blue, there is a backsplash out there just for your kitchen.

Reach out to CJH Projects and show them some of your backsplash inspiration. They can help you decide what will work, what won’t and how to make a choice that stays within budget.

Kitchen Renovations in Winnipeg

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