Roof Inspection Cost 2019 For Calgary AB Homeowners

  • Asphalt shingle roofing covered in snow

Roof Inspection Cost 2019 For Calgary AB Homeowners

The cold seasons are upon Calgary AB homeowners once again. Winter increases the chance of facing against the extreme weather trio: rain, hail, and snowstorms. In the back of your head is the roof inspection cost you’ll need to handle to ensure the optimal condition of your roof.

Your home used only solid materials to build its external weather defenses. Unfortunately, even high-quality materials will wear and tear over time. In fact, your roof faces off against the worse side of strong weather.

It only makes sense to have an independent roof inspector near me or professional roof inspection companies near me to look at your roof. Some of them offer these services free of charge.

On the other hand, some charge as much as $450-$600 to conduct in-depth roofing inspections. Sometimes, this is inclusive of infrared roof inspection cost and other advanced roof inspection procedures.

Roof Inspection, Procedures, Cost, and More:

  • What’s Included in a Typical Roof Inspection (5 Items)
  • How Much Do Roof Inspections Cost in 2019?
  • When To Have Professional Roof Inspections
  • How To Identify a Scam Inspection

Aspects Inclusive In Most Roof Inspection Cost and Scale

Cosmetic Roof Inspections

Severe weather calls for a look into the roof inspection checklist. Heavy rainfall can erode roofing material. In fact, this is the case in most week-long rainstorms or snowstorms.

Most roofing contractors begin their inspections by inspecting the overall appearance of your roof. They often look for the following items:

  • Bruises
  • Cracks
  • Potential Leaks
  • Missing Shingles (or other tile roof material)
  • Debris and its respective classification
  • Moss Growth

Your contractor will take a ladder and head up your residential roof to check for these external roofing damages. Once they have a full account of your roofing condition, they will inspect your internal roof for any damages.

roof moss on a corrugated metal roof

Roof moss is a sign that your roof is in bad condition. Your contractor may include it in their roof service proposal.

Internal Roof Inspection

True enough, ceiling discoloration is a sign you’ll need to know about your possible roof inspection cost. However, several other internal roof damage signs are the following:

  • Cracked wall paint
  • Softened or bruised internal ceiling material
  • Leakage that happens after stable weather
  • Entry of small animals inside the house.

Homeowners can identify ceiling damages easier than external roof damages. However, they’ll still need professional inspections. Identifying the internal leak source may require a series of tests. In doing so, your contractor will map the leak path correctly and provide an excellent solution proposal.

internal ceiling and wall discoloration due to leaks

Wall discoloration is also a common sign of internal roof damage.

Roof Structure Evaluation

This process is inclusive in most new roof inspection procedures and inclusive in most slate roof inspection cost and scale.

Roofing decks and joists support the weight of the materials and underlayment. Therefore, any detrimental damage to these items will result to long-term damages to both your roof and house.

Most roofing companies will forego structural inspections. However, they will strongly advise having it after your roof faced a severe hailstorm for two consecutive days.

Aside from damaging your roof material greatly, hailstorms can penetrate through roof decks in some cases.

On the other hand, roof structure inspections can yield other crucial issues such as unseen termite infestations and more.

Inclusive in most roof structure inspections is taking a look at the condition of the following roof parts:

  • Fascia
  • Gutters
  • Drains
  • Skylights
  • Chimneys
  • Vents
  • Soffits
  • Cupolas

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a cupola on a metal-roofed residential property

Roof structures also include cupolas, which are common in most Calgary residential properties.

Water Accumulation Spots

In most procedures of roof inspection after installation by contractors, water tests are important. These tests allow roofers to measure water accumulation in different roof areas.

True enough, roofing contractors will strongly recommend this procedure for low-slope or flat-roofed homes. However, Calgary AB properties with butterfly, gable, cross-gable, and other roofs with numerous valleys definitely need water accumulation inspections.

The idea behind this inspection is to see whether roof material seams overlap effectively. Most corrugated and standing seam metal roofs are unlikely to leak at valleys. However, poor ridge tiling for asphalt shingles and clay and slate tiles will introduce leaks inside the underlayment.

Flashing Inspections

Strong weather will highly likely blow away roof flashing points. These are small metal panels protecting the surface of roof structures such as chimneys, vents, and more.

A strong hailstorm, windy rainstorms, and other extreme elemental factors can dislodge flashing points. Therefore, your roofer needs to take full account of these damages and include it in their detailed repair proposal.

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How Much Do Roof Inspections Cost in 2019?

Roof inspections can cost about $450-$600 per 1,500-2,300 square foot of any property.

However, we advise to look at the common roof services costs in Calgary AB:

  • Roof Material Replacement (for asphalt shingles): $650 per 100 square foot
  • Flashing Replacement: $450 per 1,500 square foot
  • Underlayment Replacement: $6,000 per 1,500 square foot

As per this list, the complete cost of having a roof inspection plus roof service is about $1,000-$3,000 for a 1,500 – 2,300 square foot property. Homeowners who can DIY their roof repairs or replacement can definitely save from professional roofing services if they can pull off the procedures effectively.

When Should You Have Professional Roof Inspections?

How often should you make the roof inspection cost your problem? The National Roofing Contractors Association advises to have two inspections per year preferably during the fall and spring.

However, roofs with long-term material that outlasts all seasons such as metal, clay, or reinforced architectural shingles require less frequent inspections.

On the other hand, roofs that recently faced extreme weather with clear damages to gutters and missing shingles require an inspection as soon as possible. Therefore, homes living in hurricane, heavy snowfall, or tropical storm-prone areas should have their inspections twice a year.

severe pea-sized hailstones pelting on roof during a hailstorm

Always make it a point to have an inspection after a severe hailstorm.

Is Your Roofing Inspection Turning Out as a Scam?

After a strong storm, you’ll often encounter “Good Samaritan” independent roofing evaluators who knock at your door. Then, they’ll propose to fix your roof after their free inspection.

It sounds like a great deal to have free inspections. However, unlicensed roof inspectors are plotting things that do not include fixing your roof. For example, these may be thieves taking note of the layout of your home including your security and locks.

In fact, they may be experienced roofing contractors who inflate the actual condition of your property. Therefore, to prevent falling to any roofing inspection scams, call your local government office. Then, look for the roofing company name.

Their non-existence in any local government directory or regulatory center is valid grounds to assume they’re out to scam you during your roof inspection.

Wrapping Up

If you have yet to find a trustworthy roofer with the necessary experience and knowledge in Calgary AB, you can call on us at No Payne Roofing to help you. You can find the local government directory regulate and oversee our Calgary AB company.

With years of experience and knowledge on roofing, we provide a complete FREE of charge roofing inspection for all inquiring clients. No Payne Roofing is adept in many roofing materials and repair, installation, and replacement procedures. Fill out an inquiry form today!

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