Roof repairs that need immediate attention

Unless the issue has spread to your home’s interior, it can be hard to know when roof repairs are emergencies. The risk of that is when the problem worsens and becomes a much more major and costly repair. Professionals can handle roofing repairs, but it’s important to know when they need to be done right away.

Roof-Ex in Edmonton is a professional roofing and roof repairs company. They share what types of repair need their professionals called in right away:

Loose granules in the gutters

New roofs losing a few granules is nothing to be alarmed about, but with older roofs, this should not be ignored. As shingles age and after years of exposure to various weather, they start to wear down and lose their granules. When that happens, the risk of leaks, roof damage, and other problems quickly goes up. Start by getting your roof inspected and see how bad the wear is and whether it needs immediate repairs. A roof replacement may be in order. Keep in mind that a new roof will last for decades, making it a worthwhile investment.

Damaged flashing

Flashing is a thin metal material installed around the chimney, skylights, or vents that helps redirect water. Like the roof, exposure to harsh weather and elements can cause damage to the flashing. If that happens, water will start to get inside the openings and risk leading to interior leaks. Even a small leak can quickly worsen or, if it goes unnoticed, can result in costly water damage. Annual roof inspections will catch flashing damage before it worsens, but also do a visual inspection. If you notice signs of damage or exposed sections, call a professional to help.

Mould or algae growth

Aside from being unsightly and affecting curb appeal, mould or algae on the roof is a big warning sign. Trapped debris like leaves can cause water to become trapped and lead to mould growth. That can then create dark marks on the surface, cause shingle deterioration, and costly repairs to replace the damaged areas. Preventing this is a matter of keeping the roof clean with professional cleaning. Never attempt to DIY power wash your roof as it can lead to other problems. If you notice signs of growth or have a dirty roof, call in a professional right away.

Roofers in Edmonton

As a family-owned and operated business, Roof-Ex understands the importance of keeping your home safe. They also know that starts with having a quality roof, which their professionals can provide. With over 25 years of experience, you are guaranteed high-quality materials, services, and long-lasting results.

Don’t wait for help; contact Roof-Ex today!

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