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Are you in the market for a new roof? If you have a flat or low sloped roof, you’ll need to find a roofing contractor that offers installation and repairs for that specific type of roof. For other roofs, consider metal roofing as it is the most durable and long-lasting roof on the market. Read this blog to learn more about both roofing services.

Why install a metal roofing system?

A metal roofing system performs the best in Alberta’s harsh climate where heat, hail, snow and high winds are common place. Metal roofs are incredibly durable and have a superior coating that will keep it looking brand new, even after it’s been installed for 50 years or more.  A metal roof can mimic the look of real clay roofing tiles or slate roofs at a quarter of the price and will be virtually maintenance-free. Your metal roof could be the last roof you ever buy.

Here are more reasons you should choose a metal roof:

– Has a high rating against hail impact.
– Metal roofing is fire resistant.
– Metal roofing is wind resistance.
– Metal Roofing enhances your home’s curb appeal.
– Metal Roofing increases your resale value.
– Metal Roofing is lightweight, meaning no expensive structural changes to your home.
– Metal Roofs have hidden fasteners for a cleaner aesthetic.
– Eco-friendly (longer lasting roofs don’t end up in landfill sites) and can help cut costs on energy bills.
– Lifetime fully transferable warranties.

Flat Roofing Services

Flat roofs or low-sloped roofs do not shed water as quickly as steeper roofs. This makes them more prone for leaking or water damage. A roofing contractor might recommend a specific roofing system like a single-ply PVC roofing membrane that is designed to last long and withstand pooling water. This system can adjust easily to Alberta’s constantly changing temperatures. It will stand up to UV rays, chemicals and our harsh climate.



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