Roofing System for Low Sloped Roofs

Problems with Low Sloped Roofs

Low sloped roofs or flat roofs do not shed water and snow as quickly as steeper roofs. This makes them more susceptible to leaks or water damage. Because of their design and the fact that many low sloped roofs are older, they are more prone to condensation related problems including leaks and ice dams. These issues are usually caused by heat loss into the attic or ceiling due to poor insulation or vapour barriers. If your roof is older, showing wear and/or damaged these could cause some very expensive home repairs.

More About Ice Dams: 

Ice dams form on the edge of your roof, or right on your roof if it is flat, when the underside of your roof in the attic is warming the roof surface and causing the snow to melt. Since water will not drain as well off your low sloped roof, it could freeze and cause an ice build-up or “ice dam” and that could cause some serious issues including water leaking into your home as well as damage to your roofing system and eavestroughs.  Learn more about ice dams here.

Proper Roofing System for Low Sloped Roofs

If you have a low sloped or flat roof, always hire professional roofers that have experience and expertise with flat roofs. If you live in Calgary, get in touch with Advanced Level Roofing.

Installing the proper roofing system, including effective membranes, will help reduce or even eliminate the water issues that come with low sloped roofs.

Low sloped and flat roof materials are chosen based on what will suit your specific home or commercial building and budget best.

Advanced Level Roofing will also check and install proper flashing around pipes, chimneys, vents and other openings to ensure maximum protection against leaks and damage.

Preventing Future Roof Damage

Installing a proper roofing system for your low sloped or flat roof is essential to prevent leaks and damage. You should also consider having your insulation system inspected. If your insulation is older and underperforming it will allow heat to escape. This can cause snow and ice to melt on your low sloped or flat roof. This extra water can cause ice dams and could damage your new roof over time. An insulation upgrade will work together with your new roof to maximize energy efficiency and overall protection for your home or commercial building.

Roofers in Calgary

Advanced Level Roofing will make sure every single roof they install and repair is done to above industry standards. This is how they make sure your new roof will stand up against Calgary’s harsh seasons and, as a result, how they help you to protect your property’s value.

Need a new roof or roof repair? Contact Advanced Level Roofing!


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