Why roofing system maintenance is essential in Calgary

Roofing systems, including gutters, are some of the most important parts of your home’s exterior. Having a properly working eavestrough system is integral to keeping water out of your home. When these systems fail, it can cause a massive repair bill to your foundation and structural integrity.

Asonic Roofing & Construction in Calgary is a family-run, full-service roofing company with over ten years of experience. Their commitment to Calgary homeowners means that you can be confident in their expertise and superior products. When needing exceptional roofing services, they provide quality care for everything from shingles, soffits, and fascia to eavestroughs and downpipes.

Soffit and fascia

Because of the chinooks which blow in Calgary, high winds aren’t a rarity. Due to this, keeping your soffit in good working order is extremely important for your home’s integrity. Not taking the time to care and repair issues with the fascia and soffit can result in a big repair bill. If water gets in between these areas and starts collecting, it can cause issues with your foundation. There can even be issues with animals and pests getting into your home via improper soffits. Take care of your home by inspecting yours for any issues.


Spring showers might bring May flowers, but they can also bring other things. Due to the changes in temperatures through winter and spring freezes, your eavestrough might have sprung a leak somewhere. Water getting in-between seams is a common issue seen in eavestroughs, and it’s easily avoidable. Seamless gutter installations can help avoid these simple issues before they turn into expensive repair bills.


Clearing out debris from downpipes can help alleviate extra weight pulling on your home’s eavestrough system. The extra weight caused by a debris build-up can cause sagging or pulling on the hangers which hold the gutters to the fascia. While it’s an easy fix early on, if the problem is left, pooling water around the home can cause expensive repairs to your foundation. Make sure your downpipes are also at the proper angle for water to flow properly. Any standing water is a symptom that the angle isn’t proper and can cause water damage.

Roofers in Calgary

The weather that the Calgary area experiences mean that inspections and maintenance of your roofing system are essential. Keep an eye on your roofing systems and inspect the soffit and fascia for any issues. Keeping on top of your eavestrough and downpipes can help keep your home water-free and issue-free. You should also do an annual visual inspection of your shingles. If you notice any peeling, curling, or missing shingles it might be time for a roof replacement.

Schedule an inspection of your roofing system today with Asonic Roofing & Construction.

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