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If you’ve noticed that your asphalt shingles are starting to peel, curl or even blow off the roof, it is time for a roof replacement. When you purchase quality roofing products and have your roofing system installed correctly by experienced roofers in Edmonton, you will get more life out of your new roof.

A roof replacement isn’t a cheap job, but if you want to protect your home from expensive water damage it is necessary. It’s important not to put off this important job for too long. Ardent Roof Systems in Edmonton are the only roofing company to have CertainTeed’s Select ShingleMaster status in Alberta.

“This is the top level CertainTeed roofing credential, and represents the highest standards of excellence, quality and knowledge in the shingle roofing industry. An SSM has shown extensive knowledge of shingle installation and quality through rigorous testing, and have provided CertainTeed with proof of workers’ compensation and liability insurance. Only an SSM can offer you the highest level of SureStart PLUS™ extended warranty coverage when an Integrity Roof System is installed on your home.”

Roofing in Edmonton

What is a Select ShingleMaster?

Having that status makes Ardent Roofing the only company in the province that can offer Certainteed’s 5 Star Warranty to ensure your new roof is protected with the maximum warranty coverage available. In order to meet the Select ShingleMaster accreditation, they meet and maintain the following credentials:

The most qualified installers: This means at least half of our installers are Master Shingle Applicators, as per CertainTeed’s Shingle Applicator’s Manual, making them some of the most knowledgeable roofing installers in the industry.

Extensive product knowledge: One or more of their employees have earned the Shingle Quality Specialist designation, proving their knowledge and shingle products, standards and customer objectives.

Insured and established: Ardent Roofing carries WBC coverage, liability insurance and must be in business for at least 5 years or more, or held another CertainTeed credential for at least one year. This is critical for your protection as a home owner.

Ethical conduct and customer-focused: Must abide by a code of ethics that covers compliance with local laws, standards of workmanship, customer service and business administration. This also means they must maintain a customer satisfaction rating of 4 or higher out of a 5-point scale.

Up-to-date and ongoing credential requirements: Just like RenovationFind accreditation, companies that have the Select ShingleMaster credential are constantly monitored to ensure they are keeping up with standards.

What kind of warranty will I get on my roof?

ONLY Select ShingleMasters can offer CertainTeed’s strongest warranty, which is the SureStart PLUS 5-Star warranty. This offers coverage on workmanship for 25 years on your new roof and CertainTeed might periodically conduct a roof inspection on your roof to insure that standards are met.

CertainTeed roofing products are produced with quality materials and advanced manufacturing methods. The product quality combined with the expert installation from a Select ShingleMaster means problems rarely occur. In the rare occasion that a defect arises and if you opt for the 5 STAR Warranty, you will be covered for:

– Materials and labour costs
– Roof tear-off expenses
– Disposable expenses
– Repair or replacement of any defects in workmanship

Choosing to hire a company like Ardent Roofing gives you double peace of mind. Not only do you know that they are an accredited company, the only in Alberta, with the Select ShingleMaster credentials, they also offer the best coverage in the business with CertainTeed’s SureStart Plus warranties.

What makes CertainTeed roofing products so great?

Every aspect of your roofing system is made with the best components, working together to give you peak efficiency and peace of mind. This includes waterproof underlayment, water-resistant underlayment, starter shingles that work in tandem with your roof shingles, roof shingles that are covered with the 5 Star Warranty, hip and ridge caps, roof ventilation and roof products required for low-slope or flat roofs.

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Roofers in Edmonton

Ardent Roof Systems Inc has a proven record of excellence in Asphalt and Cedar shingle roofing projects in Edmonton. They are proud to offer the 50 year non-prorated CertainTeed warranty, making it one of the best warranties available to the Edmonton community.

Ardent Roof Systems are among the best companies that offer roofing in Edmonton and they consistently provide their customers with the highest level of quality in both their products and workmanship.

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