Rubber paving: more than just driveways

Rubber paving is becoming increasingly popular for driveway resurfacing and other residential uses. It is long-lasting, durable, resistant to UV exposure, cracking and creates a soft surface underfoot. Not only is it a great option for your driveway and walkways, but it can be used for other exterior projects as well.

Prairie Rubber Paving in Edmonton and Calgary shares how you can use rubber paving:

Pool Decks

Rubber paving provides a non-slip surface that is comfortable to walk on. That’s probably the number one reason why it’s so great for pool decks. Rubber paving is flexible, moving with the ground as it freezes and thaws several times during the year. That means fewer (or no) cracks and damage to your pool deck. On top of that, it is very versatile in design and comes in a wide range of colours. Rubber paving can be installed right on top of your current pool deck, so there is no need for the old concrete to be removed and disposed of.

Sports Courts

Residential sports courts are becoming more popular among homeowners. If you have space, installing a small basketball or tennis court in the yard is a great option for active families. Rubber paving provides a flexible, comfortable surface for running and jumping. Plus, if there is a fall, there is less of a damaging impact compared to concrete. If you want to have more at-home recreational activities in your lifestyle, consider installing a customized sports court this spring.

Commercial Uses

Rubber paving is also a great alternative to sand or mulch at playgrounds. Kids won’t go home with sand in their shoes, and communities won’t have to worry about them playing in the sand that might have cat waste or broken glass in it. It is slip-resistant, but flexible enough to soften a fall for those active kids. Because it can be customized with different colours and designs, playgrounds can be customized with pretend roads, ponds, hop-scotch play areas, and other fun features on the paving.

Prairie Rubber Paving has installed rubber paving for commercial walkways and steps, parking lots, and even in sports arenas, indoor swimming pools, and fitness centres.

Rubber Paving in Edmonton and Calgary

Prairie Rubber Paving is Alberta’s premium rubber paving company. Using the highest quality synthetic rubber and polyurethane binders, they create the safest and most durable surfaces on the market. If you have a need for driveway resurfacing or another residential or commercial paving project, give them a shout.

Prairie Rubber Paving in Edmonton

Prairie Rubber Paving in Calgary

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