Save Money with Cabinet Refinishing


A kitchen renovation will increase your personal enjoyment of the space and increase your home’s value. Kitchen renovations offer one of the best returns on investment compared to other home renovations. In fact, you can expect to recoup over 83% of your renovation costs at resale, according to Remodelling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report for 2016, and that is for a minor kitchen remodel.

The biggest component of your kitchen renovation will be your kitchen cabinets. A full kitchen cabinet replacement can be very expensive, but you don’t have to spend that fortune for a freshly upgraded kitchen. Cooperrider Painting Inc. in Calgary are professional painting contractors and they also offer cabinet refinishing services.

What is cabinet refinishing?

Cabinet refinishing is when you simply change the finish and/or colour of your cabinet doors, drawer fronts and other exterior portions but you keep the same cabinet boxes. You can do this if your cabinet boxes are still in good shape. This process will give your kitchen a totally new look, add value to your home and will cost you less than a quarter of the price of a full cabinet replacement. Plus, refinishing your existing cabinetry is better for the environment since no waste will be thrown into a landfill!

The cabinet refinishing process:

Cooperrider Painting will remove all of your cabinet doors, drawer fronts and exterior panels making sure to label them for when it’s time to put them back on. They will also remove all hardware from your doors and drawer fronts.

Your panels will be carefully washed and sanded before receiving a spray priming and then a sprayed laquer finish of your choice. You can choose a clear-coat or coloured laquer. Cooperrider Painting has experience in home design and can help you choose a finish that will best match your wall colour and other features in your kitchen. Learn more about choosing kitchen colour schemes. 

Then your panels will have to dry and cure before they are re-installed. Once they are put back onto the cabinet boxes the hardware will be installed. Replacing your dated hardware is a cost-effective way to upgrade your cabinets even further.

This process will take less than a week and you’ll have a totally upgraded, beautiful new kitchen!

Calgary Painters & Cabinet Refinishing

Cooperrider Painting Inc. provides professional, first class preparation and paint application to your home, creating a balance between practical and aesthetic values. Their mission is to protect your investment and improve your home’s value, while also making your home look its absolute best. Their services include:

– Heritage restoration
– New construction
– Residential re-paints
– Cost effective re-sale preparation
– Spray finishes
– Cabinet and door restoration
– Colour consultation
– Interior design service

Ready to renovate that kitchen? Contact Cooperrider Painting Inc. today!


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