Save time and money rejuvenating or replacing cabinets

Is your cabinetry looking worn, damaged, or dated? Cabinetry restoration is an option for homeowners and can have your kitchen or bathroom looking new again. At a fraction of a complete cabinet renovation cost, refacing or replacement is a great option for homeowners to consider.

Tormynak Contracting in Calgary has options for homes with damaged cabinets, which can save time and money.

Replacement cabinets

Tormynak Contracting focuses on rebuilding or replacing damaged cabinets to match the existing ones. If you have partly damaged cabinetry, you might not have to replace all of it. Options are available to rebuild or replace the damaged items for your space to look how it used to. If it’s possible, you can replace or restore those damage cabinets. Otherwise, going with a custom build to match the set is also available to customers. Some damage doesn’t always mean that a complete replacement; custom could be the way to go.

Cabinet refacing

Cabinet refacing gives homeowners the option of dramatically changing the look of their kitchens or bathrooms at a fraction of the cost. You can replace your worn cabinet doors and drawer fronts with new ones. Then, a contractor will install a matching veneer on the side panels and other exposed areas of the cabinets. This specialized home upgrade is great for homeowners looking for a refresh without the cost of a full cabinet replacement. It’s important to note that refacing isn’t always an option, and it depends on the condition of the existing cabinets. It’s not uncommon for older cabinets to be in better condition than newer ones due to their construction.

Creative solutions for cabinet refinishing

One of the most difficult things about replacing part of your kitchen cabinets is colour matching the old ones. It’s not as easy as putting the same colour on your new cabinets as the old paint has faded and settled over time. If your existing cabinets are in direct sunlight, this can have an even bigger effect on the colour.

Tormynak Contracting can work to achieve an exact match for your new cabinets. However, depending on the situation, an exact match might not be possible and other options might need to be explored. The best place to start is with a consultation. Tormynak Contracting can help you refinish your cabinets to look modern and like new again.

Cabinets in Calgary

When it comes to cabinet requirements, Tormynak Contracting works directly with restoration companies and renovators. They have experience working with insurance companies on restoration projects. You might not need a complete renovation or replacement if your cabinets are damaged. Rebuilding or replacing damaged pieces to match existing cabinetry can be an option for homeowners. They offer stock cabinets, semi-custom cabinets, and cabinet restoration services.

Save time and money by calling Tormynak Contracting today.

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