Considerations for building a secondary suite in Winnipeg

There are several benefits to having a secondary suite in your home. Rental income or creating space for a multi-generational family are two reasons homeowners invest. Basement suites are a popular and cost-effective option, but if you need the space in your home for yourself, there are other options.

Jeffrey Building Services in Winnipeg is a full-service renovation company specializing in basement renovations. They share three options for secondary suites:

Basement suite

When deciding to include a basement suite in your home, there are several things to consider. Living spaces in the basement require adequate lighting and egress windows in bedrooms to comply with the building code. Ensuring the suite is comfortable will need proper insulation, well-distributed heating, and ventilation in the kitchen and bathroom. Noise considerations should also be made as sound can be transmitted easily from suite to suite. Finally, basement suites are usually smaller than second-floor suites as HVAC systems and water tanks take up space. Learn more about building a downstairs secondary suite in Winnipeg.

Garden and garage suites

Garden suites are separate dwellings located in the backyard of the main house. They can be built attached to a garage, typically over the garage, or be detached homes on the property. The main reason for investing in this type of suite is that it allows separation from the main house and more privacy for both parties. If the garden or garage suite is for adult children or ageing parents, it provides independence with the comfort of knowing family is still nearby. Both garden and garage suites require a kitchen, bathroom, and living space to be a legal secondary suite.

Second-floor suite

Rising house costs, inflation, and slow income growth have seen second-floor suites grow in popularity. These allow homeowners’ children to stay at home for more extended periods while also allowing privacy. For those looking for rental income, second-floor suites are typically higher in rental prices than basement suites. However, more space is available than basement suites, and it could be more accessible depending on building styles. In addition, a suite that doesn’t require stair access is more accommodation to renters with mobility challenges.

If you’re a real estate investor, you might consider putting two or more suites in a home to increase your rental revenue and investment. While it’s not always possible, this is something Jeffery Building Services can help you determine.

Basement Renovations in Winnipeg

Jeffrey Building Services offer an end-to-end client experience. That means seamless communication and design that makes the most out of your space and renovation budget. Their team is passionate about what they do, which reflects in every project with outstanding results and lasting quality. Whether you’re remodelling the kitchen or developing the basement, you can trust the professionals at Jeffrey Building Services to bring your vision to life.

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