Security and Outdoor Lighting

Written by TDR Electric in Vancouver

Safety and security around your home and business are of great importance at TDR. This is why we can help install security and outdoor lighting around your premises to ensure peace of mind and sense of safety around your home and business.

What Is It?

Security and Outdoor lighting use passive infrared motion sensors to detect any foreign objects that emit heat. For example, if any object that passes near the sensor, it is the heat coming from that object that gets detect, not the actual motion of the object!


There are many benefits to having security and outdoor lighting installed by electricians in Vancouver. One of the advantages of installing security and outdoor lighting is to increase safety around the home and business. This includes discouraging criminal activity and deterring thieves as it makes it more difficult for them to enter the premises unnoticed. Additionally, outdoor lighting can aid in the control of unwanted pests such as possums, skunks, and raccoons.

Furthermore, outdoor lighting can aid in the overall safety of the home or business. Worrying areas, such as pools, stairs, and other hazards can be eliminated by installing motion detection lights. These will automatically light up the area, making your home and business much safer.

If you require installation of security or outdoor lighting for your business and home, contact us at TDR Electric and we will be able to assist you with any questions you may have.



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