Selections to make with a bedroom renovation

Bedroom renovations can be relatively simple. Changing the wall colour, trim, closet doors, window coverings and light fixtures can go a long way in completely rejuvenating the space. Once you’ve done that, you can focus on purchasing furniture and accent pieces to complete the project. Here are some tips on making good selections for your bedroom remodel:

Choosing colours for walls and accents.

Lighter, natural and neutral tones are always a good idea for the bedroom. You want to choose colours that are calming like off-whites, light sage greens, beiges and blues. Not only will these colours help you naturally relax, they will also help open the space up. This is especially important if you have a small bedroom. Learn how to choose a paint colour for the bedroom.

Buying bedroom furniture.

The kind of furniture you buy for your bedroom depends on the size of the space, functionality and design preferences. If you have a small room, having a full bedroom set with multiple dressers and a huge bed might not make sense.  You also want to choose furniture that will match the design style of the space and have good flow with how the rest of your home is furnished.

Options for bed sizes.

The bed will be the biggest piece of furniture in the room. Beds come in a wide range of sizes, probably more than you think! Find mattress size dimensions for King, Queen, Double, Twin and Single mattresses along with variations of each size category! With these dimensions, you can purchase a bed and bedroom set that will fit well in your newly renovated bedroom.

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