Sell Faster with a 3D Virtual Tour

Anyone who has been in the real estate game knows that listings that accurately show off more of the property yield more viewings and potentially, generate more offers.  Professional photographs of carefully staged rooms used to be the best option for an online listing, but now new technology allows homeowners to present their home-for-sale digitally like never before.

What if home seekers could take a virtual tour of your home before coming to see it in person?  With services from 3D Scan Experts in Edmonton, they can.

3D Virtual Tour Real Estate Edmonton

“We take three photos at three different exposures of every angle of the home, usually about 3,000 to 5,000 photos total, and put them all together into a virtual tour of your property,” said Jesse Tutt of 3D Scan Experts, Alberta’s largest 3D virtual tour and real estate photography provider.

3D Scan Experts gathers so much data that they can accurately create floor plans and extract true professional HDR photographs.  This kind of detail allows viewers to experience the home or business as accurately as possible to an actual in-person tour.

It takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours to photograph a standard 2,000 square foot home.  When you call 3D Scan Experts, an appointment will be made to shoot the photos and a virtual tour, along with a floor plan and 20 plus photographs, will be provided.  They also market your property online and on social media with 2 business days after the shoot.

sample listing from out of town“The benefit of our virtual tours is that they are the best method to market your home online, social media and even via text message since our tours load on every smart device,” said Tutt.

“In addition to that, remote buyers won’t usually drive an hour to view a property that has poor listing photos.  Our virtual tours have been used to sell properties to buyers from the US, abroad and all over Alberta.  In fact, 73 percent of viewers looking at recent listings in town were from out of the city.”

As we continue to move through a slower economy, the importance of presenting your property in the most attractive way possible becomes a higher priority.  Your home is competing against thousands of listings and buyers are browsing with caution.  Virtual tours will differentiate your home from the others on the market, show off it’s best features and qualities in a way that is proven to engage viewers.  3D Scan Experts report that viewers watch their virtual tours for four full minutes on average.  That is a lot longer than the average viewing time on a regular online listing.

Whether you are a real estate agent or a homeowner, a 3D virtual tour of your property-for-sale will attract more qualified buyers, increase showings and give you a great tool to digitally market the home across digital streams.

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