Should you reface or replace your cabinets?

Your cabinets can modernize or date your kitchen. They’re essential for the overall design, function, and aesthetic! However, if your cabinet faces are looking worn down, old, or simply no longer make your kitchen feel like an inspiring place to be, then it might be time for a change. Cabinet refacing and replacing with custom cabinets are two options.

Silvertouch Cabinets & Countertops Ltd. in Burnaby is your local cabinetry expert. They provide custom cabinetry and cabinet refacing services. They share more about refacing and when it’s the best option for your home improvement.

What is cabinet refacing?

Cabinet refacing is when you change the cabinet doors and drawer fronts but keep the same interior structure. You also replace the cabinet hardware and update all exterior surfaces to match the new cabinet faces. Typically, you cover the surfaces with a matching wood veneer. However, laminate or paint are also options. This process allows you to update the look of your kitchen without the financial commitment and hassle of installing brand-new cabinets. Opting for new cabinets means you have to gut your kitchen, which can be a messy and disruptive. It is also more expensive. Consequently, cabinet refacing is an excellent choice for many homeowners.

When to reface your cabinets

For cabinet refacing to be an option, the cabinet boxes must be in good condition. They have to be structurally sound- not nearing the end of their lives. Additionally, they shouldn’t be an eyesore. After all, you still have to look at the inside of your cabinets every day! Covering up unsightly cabinet interiors with new faces hides the problem but doesn’t solve it. Cabinet refacing will not help worn down and unattractive boxes.

The boxes and layout stay the same with cabinet refacing. Therefore, it’s vital that you actually like your current system. The general look and functionality of your kitchen should work for you. Consider your kitchen’s flow, appliance placement, overall aesthetic, and cabinet size. If you need more space or hate the current layout, cabinet refacing may not be the best option.

When to replace with custom cabinets

Typically, you replace your cabinets if you are fully remodelling your kitchen, need more space, or your existing cabinet structure is worn down or damaged. For example, if your kitchen has rot, mould, or has lost its structural integrity, it’s time to replace your cabinets! This is the more expensive option, but it has several significant advantages. Firstly, you can completely redesign your kitchen to suit your current tastes and needs, it adds resale value to your home, and new cabinets will last longer than refaced cabinets.

Custom cabinetry is the best cabinet replacement option. You get the perfect cabinets designed especially for you. Experienced cabinet makers work with any budget- big or small! Furthermore, they offer a wide range of woods, finishes, and door styles. You don’t have to compromise on size, layout, or style. Find inspiration for your new kitchen cabinets!

Custom Cabinets and Cabinet Refacing in Burnaby

Silvertouch Cabinets and Countertops can help you transform your home! For over 15 years, they’ve helped families throughout the Lower Mainland create their dream kitchens and bathrooms. They offer custom cabinet doors, so you can customize the look of your space. In addition, Silvertouch can create various quality cabinetry, including bookshelf, entertainment centres, storage units, and more! Silvertouch Cabinets offers high-quality products, professional design, and exceptional service to your home.

Contact Silvertouch Cabinets & Countertops for your free consultation today!

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