Should you renovate or add a new bathroom?  

Bathrooms add a lot of value and also play a central role in day-to-day living. But when it comes to improving your home, is it better to renovate an old bathroom or add a new one? Both choices have their own benefits and considerations, which makes it an important decision.

Edmonton Bath Products in Edmonton is a bathroom renovation and product supply company. They share some tips to help decide between renovating and adding a new bathroom (or doing both):

What’s your budget?

The first thing to consider is what your bathroom budget looks like. Bathroom renovations are typically less expensive than building an entirely new space or roughing in a new bathroom. You can keep the same structure and plumbing and save costs on new materials or additions. A new bathroom will involve the cost of labour, materials, construction, and the timeline to complete the work. If you have the budget for something new, it can add great value to your home. Otherwise, put the money into an existing bathroom to make it more functional. You can also split the cost between multiple bathrooms to make minor improvements in each.

What is lacking?

Renovations or new additions are usually planned to address a specific problem. It may be the fixtures are old and worn, your water bills are getting higher, or your family has grown and you need more bathrooms. Start by narrowing down what’s missing in your home or current bathrooms. If the space is too small and outdated, a renovation can easily do the job. If it’s a matter of just not having enough bathrooms, adding a new one may be the solution. It will add great value, improve your daily life, and even make your home a market contender down the road. Adding a new basement bathroom, for example, is a very popular and valuable addition.

What can you keep?

Another great tiebreaker is to look at the bathroom and see what you can work with or what needs to be removed. Plumbing, for example, in a renovation can typically be left as is and reused. A new shower or sink can likely be outfitted on existing plumbing. That way, you save a lot on the labour and costs otherwise needed for brand new plumbing. Cabinets can also be kept and sanded and repainted to give them a new look, instead of buying new ones. If the fixtures, plumbing, and materials are outdated, it may be better to buy new low-flow fixtures and updated materials.

Bathroom Renovations in Edmonton

Edmonton Bath Products prides itself on being a one-stop, high-quality shop for all your bathroom needs. They provide a variety of bathroom materials, fixtures, and finishes for any bathroom. Their professionals then handle the delivery and installation process, so there’s no delay or hassle of dealing with more than one contact. They offer peace of mind and quality renovations or constructions every time, no matter what.

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