Siding designs and upgrades that will boost your curb appeal

Changing the look and style of your home’s exterior will improve its overall curb appeal. Plus, when it comes to changing your siding to do so, it couldn’t be easier. With so many different styles, designs and colours available, there are plenty of ways to customize your home.

Legacy Exteriors and Roofing in Edmonton are a professional roofing and siding company. They share some siding ideas to help boost your curb appeal:

Add some texture

Adding texture adds dimension, visual interest and major characteristic to your home’s exterior. Combine all three, and you’ve got a major curb appeal boost as well. With texturing, there are different ways to design and add the look. Wood siding, for example, is a timeless choice that can be installed in a variety of different styles. From shingles and shakes or board and batten, wood siding offers a lot of visual depth.

Vinyl siding is another popular option, particularly for its low-maintenance yet long lifespan benefits. It can easily replicate the look of wood siding too, but when installed as-is, it offers a sleeker texture. Vinyl can also be installed in different styles, such as vertical to add height or a lap-style to be more traditional.

Use different siding styles as accents

Accents, particularly exterior ones, help break up the surface of your home and create different styles. Depending on the architectural style of your home as well, siding styles can work differently. Gables, windows or accents on siding, can all either add a pop of interest or complement the overall appearance. Windows work well with a bright contrasting colour that will naturally draw the eye around the home. Gables tend to work well when a different siding style is added to create a natural break in the exterior. For example, use vinyl clapboard on the main house, but use vinyl cedar shakes for the gables instead.

Siding accents are typically a strip or trim of a different styled siding, compared to the style on the main house. White scallops as an option are a very popular choice for siding trim because it adds a subtle elegance and charm. Plus, scallop accents work well with many architectural styles.

Tone on tone 

It’s generally popular to choose contrasting and complementary colours for your new siding to boost curb appeal. That being said, sometimes simplicity is all you need to still achieve the same effect. With tone on tone siding, you choose different shades of the same colour instead and then pair different accents. For example, use soft beige siding on the main house and then darker browns on the shutters or gables. This can work for any number of different colours, including a full white style. Pair together white main house siding with an off-white or cream accent to balance. With some options, look at these tone on tone houses for some ideas for your home.

Double up on tone and styles

Don’t feel limited to pairing one type of siding with different styles of the same. Instead, consider mixing and matching different sidings. For example, use vinyl siding on your main home, but then wood siding accents. Then, use horizontal panels or Dutch lap on the vinyl siding, but shakes or scallops on your wood accents. This combines different textures, colours, and styles and completely transforms the look of your home. Just be sure that, like with colours, you pair each style to something complimentary. You don’t want too many different angles and directions on your home, or it might look too chaotic. Choose complimentary directions and colours for a major curb-appealing home!

Siding Contractors in Edmonton

Legacy Exteriors and Roofing pride themselves in ensuring your home stays in the best condition possible. They provide the best materials, products, services and work for every project. As a family-owned business and with over 15 years of experience, you can be sure that your satisfaction is their top priority.

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