Signs it’s time to consider a roof replacement in Calgary

It can be hard to know when to replace or just repair your home’s roof. If you have a leak, many different issues can cause it. That’s why it can help to have a knowledge base and access to a trusted roofing contractor.

In this article, Foothills Roofing in Calgary shares some signs that may help you determine if it’s time to replace your roof.


This is one of the easier factors to determine. Typically, a roof will last for about 20 to 25 years. Your roof’s overall longevity depends on different factors. Did a contractor remove the old roof on your home and replace it with just a single layer of shingles? Does your roof have proper ventilation? If the answer to either (or both) of these questions is yes, and your roof is pushing the two-decade mark, it’s likely time for a replacement. Call a trusted contractor to discuss!

Mike Port, founder and CEO of Foothills Roofing Ltd., has over 35 years of experience roofing in Calgary. He has seen it all! His company can help determine if your home is ready for a new roof.

Curling or missing shingles

When you look at your roof, can you see that some shingles are curled or buckled? This is a definite sign it may be time for a roof replacement in Calgary. If you’re not sure about the condition of your shingles, you can look at the slopes of your home that receive direct sunlight. Shingles that are losing granules and curling indicate they could be past their life expectancy. If any shingles are missing, this is another telltale sign it might be time for a new roof.

At Foothills Roofing Ltd., they believe in affordable, quality workmanship. They will be able to assess your shingles. They will also take the age of your home into consideration. Then, they can suggest if a roof replacement is needed.

Chimney flashing

It’s a sign that your roof may need replacement when you discover your chimney’s flashing consists of tar or roof cement. In this case, your roof may need long-term waterproof fitting to solve the problem. If you suspect this could be your problem, contact Foothills Roofing Ltd. today! They can assess and offer a free estimate to complete the work. In addition, a skilled member of their team will be happy to meet with you and discuss your needs.

Roof valleys

If you’ve got roof shingles on any specific area of your home that are falling apart or missing altogether, you probably need a new roof. Roof valleys are the most crucial areas of your roof. This is because rain and snow flow from here into your gutters. In other words, you never want to leave your roof valleys compromised. So call your roofing contractor at the first sign of roof valley damage.

Foothills Roofing Ltd. is one of the top roofing replacement companies in Calgary. They commit to using the highest quality materials. Plus, their skilled craftsman will deliver an outstanding finished product.

Roofing in Calgary

Foothills Roofing Ltd. commits to high-quality work at affordable prices. Their entire team comes highly trained and they use the latest safety equipment to keep their employees safe. Foothills Ltd. remains dedicated to environmental responsibility. In addition, their ‘Peace of Mind’ warranties are a testament to their work. They guarantee all their workmanship will be free from defects for ten years.

Call Foothills Roofing today!

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