Signs it’s time to refinish your cabinets  

Cabinet refinishing is a cost-effective way to give your kitchen and cabinets a whole new look and feel. Upgrading and maintaining your kitchen cabinets will help your home maintain function and value.

Superior Surface Refinishing Inc. in Winnipeg is a professional refinishing company that offers refinishing services for cabinets, bathtubs, tiles, countertops and more. They share some signs that it’s time to refinish your cabinets:

Outdated appearance 

If everything else in your kitchen has been given a new look, but your cabinets haven’t, they’ll bring down the appeal. Since cabinets take up so much visual space in the kitchen, their look plays a significant role in the overall design. If you aren’t one to follow trends, choose an ageless colour for your cabinets. All-white is a classic look that complements any kitchen and will last through any trend. For a touch of colour, pastel shades or grey tones are both timeless choices.

You’re on a budget 

Updating the kitchen to boost your home’s appeal is a great renovation decision, especially if you plan to sell. However, renovations can be costly, so refinishing can still offer that new look without a full cabinet replacement. This is ideal if you’re on a strict budget.

Cabinets that are still in working condition will look brand new and add a new feel to your kitchen and home. Refinishing involves stripping the cabinets and applying a new stain or a new paint colour. Even with a budget, hiring a professional is still worth the cost. They’ll handle the work quickly, efficiently, and with a quality touch that boosts that ROI. Between the time saved and the flawless professional results, it’s an investment that’s always worthwhile.

The paint is flaking or faded 

When was the last time you had your cabinets repainted or professionally refinished? Maybe it has been a few years, or you’ve noticed the paint is flaking or looks faded. Either way, when the paint job starts to look bad, it’s a good sign you need to refinish the look.

Flaking paint could signify that the old paint job wasn’t done correctly, or the paint is just getting old. Fading happens when the cabinets are exposed to direct sunlight for years. Applying a protective coating to your new refinishing will help prevent any fading from happening again.

Superior Surface Refinishing uses urethane hardened paint that is much more durable than regular or standard paints. Your new paint job will be easy to clean, maintain, and will last for years to come.

Cabinet Refinishing in Winnipeg

Superior Surface Refinishing Inc. prides itself on helping homeowners transform their homes at the right price. Using innovative refinishing systems and processes they provide affordable alternatives to the high cost of a full replacement. Their team can help handle the work, offer guidance, and always guarantee a quality, value-adding result every time.

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