Signs it’s time to replace your cabinets

While you may still love the look and style of your cabinets, age and wear and tear are inevitable. But before you tear out the old and replace everything, take a closer look at the cabinets. It may be that only a few cabinets need restoration to return their function and appeal.

Tormynak Contracting Inc. in Calgary provides cabinets for insurance restoration and renovation projects. They professionally rebuild or replace damaged cabinets to match existing ones and share some signs your cabinets are damaged:

The doors are damaging other cabinets

A sign to renovate those cabinets is when they aren’t performing as they should. When cabinets aren’t installed correctly, the doors and drawers can slam against each other and cause damage and marks to the surrounding cabinets. Renovating the cabinets and getting a professional to install them will correct this issue and protect your cabinets for years to come.

There is water damage

Water damage is a serious problem that shouldn’t be left alone or unrepaired. If you find dark or bulging spots on the cabinets, it’s likely from water damage. That can happen from leaking or burst pipes, spills, or stagnant water. Cabinets left unrepaired risk water damage weakening the cabinets and affecting stability. Tormynak’s restoration services can replace the damaged cabinet while ensuring it matches the rest.

Excessive wear and tear

Eventually, wear and tear will catch up with the cabinets and leave them damaged and weakened. Covering the damage isn’t a lasting solution and only risks the cabinet falling apart. If the framework is still intact, replacing the doors and drawers or installing new frames will do the trick. Doing so helps save time and money by not completely replacing the cabinets.

You need custom touch-ups

Tormynak’s specializes in providing custom repairs and solutions for cabinet needs. For example, their team offers custom colour matching to repair cabinets that have been chipped or scratched. Replacing cabinet doors is another service that can be done to update the look of the cabinets. New hardware can also go a long way to add a new look to your kitchen without a complete renovation.

Cabinets in Calgary

When you need custom cabinet solutions or help with insurance restoration and renovation projects, call Tormynak’s Contracting. Their team has the skills and services to help return your cabinets to their original glory and bring value to your home. Rebuilding or replacing any damaged cabinets to match your existing ones is a breeze for their team.

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