Signs of foundation problems that need pro attention

Foundation problems can be caused by a number of things, which doesn’t always make spotting the signs early easy. By the time the damage has spread enough to become noticeable, the repair costs have already spiked. That’s why knowing the warning signs early on is so important, to avoid any safety risks and costly repairs.

Shield Foundation Repair Inc. in Edmonton is a professional foundation repair company. They share some warning signs of foundation problems that their professionals can help repair:

Floors and ceiling are sagging

Sagging floors often go hand-in-hand with a weak foundation, especially when they were level when first installed. The same goes for sagging ceilings, when water damage is not the cause, as it means the support beams are starting to shift. As they do, they lose their structural support and cannot hold up the ceiling’s weight, leading to sagging. These problems will only worsen the longer they are left, so have a professional come in as soon as you spot any signs.

Windows and doors are loose or stick

Some foundation movement and settling is normal, especially with newly built homes. However, if you own an older home, notice if your windows and doors have become loose or so tight that cracks have appeared. The foundation settling has likely caused the walls to become warped, but severe shifts like that are problematic. Excess moisture in the soil may be the culprit for the foundation starting to sink, as the ground cannot support the excess weight anymore. Taking action as soon as possible will help minimize the damage done.

Cracks on the walls

Depending on the crack’s type and severity, you may be facing a much more severe foundation problem. Keep in mind that not all cracks will mean foundational issues. If the cracks are small and only around windows or flooring, it’s likely drywall expanding from seasonal weather. Cracks that should cause alarm are wider on one end and narrow on the opposite, leak water, or are more than one-eighth of an inch wide. Never cover up cracks until a professional has inspected and identified the problem.

Never ignore the warning signs

If you suspect there is a foundation problem or there are obvious cracks, don’t ignore the problem. Filling cracks with caulking and assuming they are the result of settling, or hiring an unqualified inspector, should also all be avoided. When hiring a professional, look for a company with years of experience and proven qualifications. Even if you are just concerned about an existing crack, bring in a professional to check. Foundation cracks can quickly worsen and risk becoming a safety hazard. High-quality repairs and qualified care will ensure your home stays safe for years to come without further issue.

Foundation Repair in Edmonton                                                 

At Shield Foundation Repair Inc., skill, quality, and passion for their work are reflected in every project. Their services cover a wide range, from foundation crack repairs, basement waterproofing, and other services like mould removal and more. With their professionals ready to help, your home is in the best hands possible.

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