Signs that your commercial building needs professional painting, inside or out

Paint may seem like a simple addition, but it plays a major role in both appearances and branding. Even interior painting will play a role in workplace productivity and employee moods. If you haven’t considered repainting before, it’s easy to miss the signs that now may be the time.

JV Painting and Decorating in Edmonton are a professional residential and commercial painting company. They share some signs that your commercial building needs a new paint job by their pros: 

You aren’t drawing in as much foot traffic

Think of it from a customer viewpoint; an attractive, well-maintained building is more likely to draw in people. Like homes, the outside of your business is the first impression, so it has to count. A fresh layer or colour of paint will do wonders to enhance the building and draw in new faces.

Another way to draw in more people is to choose your colours wisely. Different colours represent different tones and moods that can work to your benefit. Black trim, for example, represents authority or power. Blue is a calming colour, much like the relaxing effects of green. Depending on your brand and goal, choose a new colour that matches and welcomes people in.

It’s time for a workplace boost 

If the interior of your building is looking a bit dreary, it’s quickly going to affect employee moods and productivity. Just like colours play a role in customer mood, so too does it affect the workplace environment. Red, for example, is a stimulating colour that will boost productivity and energy. Purple raises creativity, while brown is a great choice for something neutral and calming. Choose bright shades as well, to keep the interior feeling light and welcoming.

The paint is already weather-worn 

Even if the colours still work, don’t ignore weather-worn or flaking paint. Not only is it an unattractive sight, but it can lower the safety of your building. If you notice fading, cracks, or bubbling, it’s time to repaint. Damaged paint can also play a role in affecting your position with other competitors. If other buildings have all been recently painted or updated, they’ll stand out next to a faded building. 

The colours are outdated  

Painting trends and popular colours change every few years, often making old styles outdated. If your business image has changed or the style is just old-fashioned, it’s a good sign that it’s time for an update. Updating your business’s colours will also let customers know that you are moving forward and continuously improving. Not only that, but it can help improve or maintain the value of your property. Just like keeping your home up-to-date and modern helps improve value, so will doing the same to your business.

You should repaint your exterior every five to seven years with a professional commercial painting company. As for the interior, every two to three years is optimal for maintenance or updates. 

Painters in Edmonton

JV Painting and Decorating are dedicated to providing peace of mind and quality with their painting services. They pride themselves on completing projects quickly, efficiently, and, most of all, with skill and quality. Their full range of services includes house painting, damage restoration, property preparation, and much more. Any painting service you need, JV Painting and Decorating can provide. 

Contact JV Painting and Decorating for quality painting services! 

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