Signs that your living room needs to be renovated

Kitchens are typically seen as the heart of a home, but living rooms play just as big of a social role. They are where you unwind, host friends and family, or just sit and relax. If you’ve been spending less time in the room, or the visuals are just unappealing, it’s time to renovate. It’ll be a benefit both to your lifestyle and your home’s value.

Top Notch Renovations in Edmonton is a professional general contractor and renovations company. They share some signs that your living room is due for a renovation update:

It’s not functional anymore

It’s no longer the case that living rooms are small, closed-off spaces for private use. Nowadays, livings rooms are blended into open concept designs to maximize space and to socialize. If the space is lacking or the design doesn’t work, don’t feel it has to stay. Work with a general contractor to take out a wall to expand the square footage or add cabinets around the fireplace. Adding function back into the living room not only boosts its use again, but it also helps add major value.

It’s dark and outdated

Does it feel like only during the daytime there’s enough light and brightness in the living room? If that’s the case, it’s time to update the lighting and windows in the room. Bay windows with a new window seat will both brighten the space and add a cozy element. New lighting will help with overall brightness, and new fixtures can add a modern, new feature touch. If you need design tips or help, talk to your general contractor. At Top Notch Renovations, their professionals also offer design services to help turn ideas into reality. Find some great lighting ideas for inspiration. 

No one uses the space

If there was a time when the living room was the main social hub of your home but isn’t now, it’s time to renovate. Just like dead space is never wanted, a room without use is just as much a waste. Decide what changes would match your lifestyle the best to bring purpose back to the living room. If you love to socialize in the kitchen, knock out the wall, and create an open layout. That way, you can cook and entertain and have a seating area nearby to socialize. For family movie nights, build shelving and cabinets around the TV to turn it into a feature focus. Paired with comfy seating and better visual appeal, it’ll become a space you love to spend time in again.

General Contractors in Edmonton

With Top Notch Renovations, they help take away the stress of the decision-making process and simplify the process. Their professionals have years of experience that they bring with them to any project. Whether it’s a living room or main floor renovation, kitchen update, or outdoor renovation, they provide peace of mind and guaranteed quality results.

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