Signs that your stucco needs professional repairs 

Choosing stucco for your home offers many great benefits and savings, which makes it a popular choice. It’s easy to maintain, looks great, lasts for many years, and is fire-resistant. Still, stucco can become damaged or worn from age and need to be repaired. Knowing what those signs are will save the damage from turning into a costly problem.

Dynamic Stucco Repair in Calgary is a professional stucco contractor company. They share some signs of stucco damage that needs their professionals for repairs:

There is discolouration

Discolouration on stucco is likely a sign that moisture has become trapped underneath and is causing damage. This type of problem should never be painted over and ignored, at least not until a professional does an inspection. Areas that are darker than usual are areas where moisture has gotten in. If the damage is black or even brown, it may be a more serious problem of mould. Either way, call a professional for help, and potential repairs before the problem develops. 

Large cracks or crumbling areas

Similar to drywall cracks, small hairline cracks on stucco aren’t always cause for worry. It may be a result of weather factors or minor impacts that cause the crack. Larger and more jagged cracks should be causes of concern as they could be a sign of numerous problems. Typically, moisture behind the stucco is the reason for cracks and crumbling stucco. Other times, it may be a foundation problem like a house settling or expanding. Before patch repairing the cracks, talk to a professional to find the underlying problem. Otherwise, the cracks will just keep appearing. 

Moss on stucco

Splashes of moisture on stucco or shaded areas with nearby vegetation can easily encourage moss growth. While that isn’t an immediate problem, aside from lowering curb appeal, it does risk future issues. Moss can cause mould or moisture to grow behind the stucco, so remove any signs of moss early on. Talking to a professional is still a great option as well to find out what is causing the moss to settle in. It may mean moving nearby vegetation or painting the stucco with a protective coating. 

Impact damage

Damage caused by a stray ball, lawnmower, or even animals can all cause the stucco to become cracked or stained. Repairing any impact damage will protect the stucco from worsening and as well as protect your home’s curb appeal. Worn out or faded stucco takes away from the value and appeal of your home. If the problem worsens, it also leads to more costly repairs than before. 

Stucco in Calgary

Dynamic Stucco Repair can handle any repair, whether from poor installation, water damage, weather and more. With over 15 years of experience, their professionals know how to recognize different causes for damage and how to repair it skillfully. They are committed to repairing damage now to help ensure future savings and peace of mind.

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