Signs you have foundation issues

If your house has a foundation problem, you want to fix it right away. If you don’t, your basement can become damaged and you’ll risk the structural integrity of your house. Damage to the foundation can occur for several reasons. Drainage issues, climate, plumbing leaks, bad soil compaction and more. Smart Home Solutions Ltd. in Edmonton are foundation contractors. They share some signs your foundation is in trouble:

Cracks in the foundation, walls and floors.

If you’ve noticed cracks on your foundation on the exterior, or cracks in the walls, ceiling or chimney, you could be in trouble. Your foundation may have shifted for some reason, leaving a gap and causing cracks in the structure. Small hairline cracks are normal, but if you have large horizonal cracks running along the concrete wall of your basement, call for foundation repair.

The foundation seems like it’s sinking.

If it looks like your house is sinking into the ground, call in Smart Home Solutions to check it out. It could be a foundation issue, or a soil compaction issue, but it can be remedied. Foundation contractors might need to lift and install foundation piers to even things out. Even if you notice a tiny dip on one end of the house, you should have it repaired before it inevitably becomes a big problem.

Windows and doors won’t open or shut properly.

If you’ve noticed the windows and doors have become difficult to open and close, or there are gaps around the frames, it could be a sign of foundation trouble. When something is misaligned with the structure of the home, it affects the door and window alignment. If more than one window or door is looking crooked or has gaps, have the foundation checked out.

Countertops are pulling away from the wall.

Like the window gap issue, if countertops are coming away from the wall, it could be a foundation issue. Separating a few millimeters is not a problem, but if the space is 1/8” wide or more, it’s definitely a problem. When the walls and floors aren’t level, the things attached to them like your cabinets and countertops will not be level either. Call for an inspection.

Still not sure?

If you’re not sure but suspect there might be a problem with your foundation, you should have a professional foundation contractor like Smart Home Solutions investigate. Catching these issues early can save you money. Foundation repair can be expensive, but the longer it goes before being repaired, the worse it will get and the more costly the repair.

Foundation Contractors in Edmonton

Smart Home Solutions has over 30 years experience in construction and foundation repair. their team has the skills, knowledge and experience to take on any project large or small. They ensure every foundation repair job is done right. If you suspect you could have an issue with your foundation, don’t wait!

Contact the pros at Smart Home Solutions!

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