Signs you need new siding

Your home’s siding is it’s first defense against the weather. Rain, wind, snow, sleet and sun can give your siding a beating. High quality siding will last for decades but can start to show some wear and tear. If your siding is unable to perform the task of protecting your home, you need to repair or replace it as soon as possible.

Chinook Exteriors in Calgary shares some signs you need a siding replacement:

The siding has visual damage.

If your siding is noticeably damaged, you need to get it repaired or replaced. Loose or cracked vinyl siding can be a problem and could be a symptom of a bigger issue. You should also check if areas of your siding are fading prematurely. Things like extreme weather, water damage, pests and decay are all things that can damage your siding.

The surface is bubbling.

Water that gets trapped under the surface of your siding can be a big problem. Siding that is discoloured, warping or bubbling can be a sign that water is penetrating it. If it isn’t dealt with, that water damage will be on the home’s interior. If you have water damage inside the home already, check around the windows. Sometimes improper or damaged flashing paper around the window can cause window leaks.

Rot, mold or mildew.

If your wood siding is soft or has visible signs of mold, mildew or even moss growth, it means water has penetrated it. When water is trapped in the siding it will cause the mold to grow and mold can spread quickly! If not dealt with immediately, it will lead to the diminish of your home’s exterior cladding. It can also spread to the interior of the home, which is a serious health risk for its occupants. If you see this sign, call in the professionals at Chinook Exteriors immediately.

Your heating and cooling bills have gone up.

A sudden spike in your heating and cooling bills could be because of several things. Older, damaged windows, inadequate attic insulation and ventilation and worn-out siding. If all the other components of your home check out okay, check the siding. If it has cracks and holes, it’s allowing energy to escape from your home. Siding that isn’t sealed or in good condition cannot maintain thermal performance.

You just want something new!

Sometimes the main reason for a siding replacement is because you just need a change. Sometimes painting wood or stucco siding can be more expensive and time consuming than a siding replacement. You might be tired of the way your home looks and are ready for a change in siding and colour. A high quality vinyl or fiber cement siding replacement can give your home the facelift it needs, while protecting it too.

Siding Contractors in Calgary

For years, Chinook Exteriors has been delivering top quality gutter, eavestrough, soffit, fascia and siding installation and repair services to the city of Calgary and its surrounding areas. Chinook Exteriors installs and maintains exterior systems that add protection, air circulation and increased value to your property.

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