Signs you need professional carpet cleaning

The best practice for keeping a clean carpet is to have it cleaned once a year. Let’s face it, hardly anyone is that dedicated! If it’s been a while and things are starting to look a little grungy, it might be time to call in professional carpet cleaners in Calgary.

Calgary’s Trusted Cleaners shares some tell-tell signs your carpets are due for a deep cleaning:

Your carpet is looking blotchy and tired.

Sometimes dirt can accumulate more in one area of the carpet than others, making it look blotchy or shaded. If it looks like your carpet has multiple shades of its original colour, this is probably happening. That dirt can also be ground into the carpet with years of foot traffic. It will weigh down the fibres in the carpet to make it look worn out. You might be thinking it needs to be replaced, but in many cases, a good carpet cleaning can do the trick. For a fluffy, evenly coloured carpet, connect with house cleaners in Calgary that offer carpet cleaning.

Your carpet stinks.

Carpet is a great flooring choice, but unlike hard flooring surfaces, it can absorb smells over time. It could be from dirt, dust, pets and spills, but if it’s getting smelly it’s time for a cleaning. Calgary Trusted Cleaner’s carpet cleaning service uses an effective hot-water extraction method to get out dirt, dust, dander and other smell-causing things. In some cases, a carpet deodorizer might be necessary. Read 4 ways to get bad smells out of carpets.

Your carpet has stains.

Do you keep moving furniture and area rugs to cover up spills and stains? Spilled wine and food, pets and little children can cause all kinds of stains on the carpet. If it’s stained, it’s not ruined, it just needs some professional help. A Calgary carpet cleaning company has the tools and cleaning supplies to get those stains out and help your carpet look like new again.

Allergies are acting up.

Unfortunately, carpets can trap things like dust, dander and other allergens. If someone in your household suffers from asthma or allergies, regular carpet cleaning can make a big difference in relieving their symptoms. If you’ve noticed you or your family member is coughing, sneezing or has watery eyes more than usual, it might be a sign the carpet needs to be cleaned.

You don’t remember the last time you ever had it cleaned.

Okay, life gets busy! If you can’t remember the last time you had your carpet cleaned, or if you’ve never had it cleaned since owning the house, it’s time. Even if there are no odours, stains or noticeable dirtiness, you can be sure there is dirt and allergens in that carpet. Extend the life of your carpet and improve hygiene in your home with professional carpet cleaning.

If you’ve noticed these tell-tell signs, contact Calgary Trusted Cleaners for their carpet cleaning service.


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