Signs you need professional drain and sewer cleaning

Until a problem surfaces, it’s easy to forget that your plumbing needs maintenance to keep things flowing. When an issue does arise, it can cause a panic if you don’t know how to fix it or make the problem worse. That’s why professional drain cleaning is essential, as is knowing the signs your drains need attention.

Drain Hacks in Calgary is a professional full-service drain and sewer company that offers a range of plumbing services. They share some warning signs that you need professional drain cleaning:

Standing or slow-moving water

Standing water refuses to go down the drain and pooling, whether in the sink or shower. Slow-moving water does drain, but it takes a while to do so. In both cases, you already have a clog, or one is forming. The clog could be hair, grease or gunk or trapped food. Whatever it is, getting the drains cleaned is the only way to unplug and clear the pipes. A professional will have the necessary tools like a hydro-jetter to blast the clog and clear the pipes. Don’t try to remove the clog yourself, as it risks pushing it further down and worsening the problem.

Foul smells

Check the drains if you’ve noticed a strange smell somewhere in your home but can’t locate the source. First, make sure it’s not a musky smell which could be mould and needs a different professional. Even when your drains are starting to smell like rotten eggs or sewage, they could still work without any trouble. The cause can be a clog beginning to form and food is rotting on the inside of the pipes. It could be bacteria feeding on debris inside the pipes, or it could be a sewer issue. Whatever the cause behind the smell, a professional will locate the source and then clear the drains to remove the odour.

Fruit flies

Have you recently noticed that fruit flies are starting to gather around your kitchen or home? Even if you’ve cleared away any food and kept your home clean, they are still there; it’s likely the drains. Fruit flies will be attracted to food that is stuck in your pipes. So even if there isn’t a clog or any strange smells, the little fruit flies will be a warning that there’s trouble. Call a professional cleaner to flush out the drains before the buildup becomes a serious problem.

Drains and Sewer Cleaning in Calgary

Drain Hacks can unclog, clean, maintain, and optimize any drain or sewer lines with ease and expertise. They can handle any issue with over ten years of drain servicing and property maintenance experience. For drain cleaning, clearing, sewer jetting, plumbing repairs and more, you can contact their team to help.

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