Signs you need to repair or replace your drywall

Drywall is a popular material for interior walls because of its versatility and affordability. However, it is susceptible to damage. For flawless repairs and replacements when needed, it’s best to leave your drywall to the professionals. They have the skills and experience to correctly diagnose issues and deliver high-quality repairs.

Wawall Construction Inc in Edmonton offers a range of renovation and construction services for residential and commercial properties. This includes drywall installation and repair. Here are signs you need to repair or replace your drywall:


Opening a door with too much enthusiasm or trying to hang on a picture on the wall can cause small to medium holes in the drywall. Generally, these are easy enough to repair. Your drywall contractor can patch these holes with a joint compound. However, larger (or multiple) holes can compromise the drywall’s structural integrity. If this is the case, the drywall must be replaced or repaired with a significant patch.


Cracks occur when the installer drywall lays the seams above the corner of a window or door. If the door or window frame expands, this seam becomes a weak spot where a crack can form. That being said, opening or closing the door can also lead to cracks. You can usually fix these cracks with a joint compound and crack coating. However, replacing the section of drywall is usually the best course of action. This solves the root of the issue and definitively prevents future cracking. Cracks can also indicate a deeper structural problem, as well as improper installation.


Splintering along edges and joints can signify water damage, rot, or drywall past its prime. Your drywall contractor will diagnose the splintering and determine if the drywall should be replaced.

Popped Nails or Screws

Sometimes, nails pop through the drywall. This happens if the nail is insecurely attached or if the stud shrinks. As the wood dries, it shrinks, shifts, and twists. This process forces nails out of the stud and back through the drywall. Fortunately, you can easily fix popped nails with joint compound, sanding, and some paint.

Water Damage

Water damage always requires repair or replacement. If your drywall has encountered limited moisture, just dry out and repaint. However, you must replace drywall with extensive water damage. Furthermore, it’s critical to find out where the water is coming from. If the moisture has reached your walls, replacing the drywall isn’t enough. You have to fix the leak (and check for structural damage).

Discolouration is the most common indication of mild water damage. Some signs of severe water damage are deterioration, crumbling, visible bulging, sagging, damp smells, mould, and extreme discolouration.

Drywall Contractors in Edmonton

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