Signs Your Window’s Need Replacing

How do you know it’s time to replace your windows? If you live in an older home and they’ve never been replaced, you’re likely losing a lot of energy. If they’re obviously warped or damaged, not closing or sealing properly or there is condensation between the panes then it is time to replace your windows.

Here are some signs you need a window replacement:

You have older single pane or aluminum sliders

Many older homes have single-pane windows, especially if the home was built in the mid-century. In the 1970s and 80s most homes were built with double pane, aluminum framed windows. Although this was an improvement, aluminum is a great conductor which means its conducting energy in and out of your home! Neither are very energy efficient and could cause major energy loss in the winter.

Evolution Series windows offer an energy efficiency standard in the industry.

You can hear outside noise easily

Newer windows reduce outside noise much better than old models. Traffic, noisy neighbours or nearby construction won’t bother you with the Evolution Series windows. They use a unique multi-chamber design that significantly reduces exterior noise pollution while providing incredible thermal efficiency.

They’re leaking water, drafts and letting in the weather

Over time, older window frames can be warped or seals can be damaged. Wooden frames could even suffer rot after years of exposure to moisture. Water seeping in through the gaps of the window can cause a lot of damage to your drywall and trim.

slider-3 Evolution Series corners are actually fusion welded, which means there is no need for sealants, it looks cleaner and is completely waterproof. Plus, it also has its own patented drainage design system that ensures water, snow and frost just slide off the window without leaking into your home.

Alberta’s weather can get pretty sporadic with random snow storms, gusting winds and pouring rain. You want windows that can protect you from the outside weather, not matter what blows into your neighbourhood. Old windows that are shaky and leak don’t accomplish that. You want windows with weather stripping that prevents dust, dirt, frost and moisture from getting in.

They’re clearly dated

New windows can give a house a major face lift, especially from the outside. Not only will the place look nicer, it will also increase its property value and help you reduce your energy costs.



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