Tips for Furnishing a Bedroom

Photo from Scandia Furniture

Your bedroom should be like a personal oasis.  The way it looks should make you feel comfortable and relaxed.  Here are a few simple tips for furnishing a bedroom:

Choose furniture that fits the room: If you have a small bedroom, do not purchase massive and bulky furniture.  This will make the room feel like it’s constantly closing in on you.  Small bedroom = smaller furniture.

Stick to your style:  Whether you want a classic, chic or modern bedroom, make sure that your furniture and colours match your personal style. The colours of your furniture should go with your wall colours, bedding and accent pieces.  It doesn’t have to be the same colour, but it should match.

Tips for choosing paint colours:  An interesting article in the Daily Mail reported that people with blue bedrooms, which is linked to soothing and calming feelings, get a better nights sleep than those with stimulating colours like purple or red.  Once you choose your main colour, you can pick up bedding, throw pillows or accent rugs that compliment it.

Good storage options: Investing some effort in smart storage will help minimize mess and keep a room organized and tidy. Good options are under-the-bed organizers and storage units or investing in a custom closet organizer.  There are a lot of storage-friendly furniture options out there including beds with underneath drawers or even book shelves that hang on the wall!

Don’t cheap out:  It is so easy to get sucked into those “BLOW OUT SALES” you see in the flyers every other week.  There are many benefits of investing high quality furniture, even if it is a larger investment in the beginning.  Good quality furniture is built to last and you could have it for decades.  Cheap furniture isn’t so cheap if you have to replace it every few years.

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