Simple Kitchen Renovation Ideas with BIG Impact

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modern kitchen design with chevron backsplash and white cabinetry.
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Simple changes in details and interiors can make a huge difference when it comes to redesigning your kitchen. You know the saying, “less is more” – this stands true when you’re coming up with kitchen reno ideas. The experts at Can Do More Painting – Renovation & Design share some helpful insights.

If your kitchen has a solid foundation, a structured design, and a few elements, then all you have to do is make small changes to the space, and you will have a brand-new kitchen. In this article, we will tell you how to update your kitchen on a budget.

1. Cabinet Refinishing

Spruce up your kitchen cabinets by simply repainting, restaining, or applying fresh lacquer to the cabinetry. If the existing colour is white, you can choose to freshen them up and use a vibrant hue like blue or teal on the island. While refinishing the cabinets, you may want to consider painting the walls, trim, or ceiling too. Check out the website Calgary Residential Painting by Can Do More Painting for more details on interior painting.

2. New Countertops

Bring more life to your kitchen by replacing the old countertops with new and upgraded ones. This will completely transform the way you work in the kitchen. There are numerous options for countertops that you can choose from: natural stone like quartz and granite or even a natural slab of wood. Depending on your living situation and the functionality of the space, a kitchen remodelling expert will guide you on the sort of countertop that is suited to your preference.

3. Invest in a Backsplash

The backsplash was traditionally used to protect the walls from grease splatter and spills. Today, the backsplash has become an important kitchen detail that not only makes your space more stylish but is a great way to incorporate material and a bit of personality. You can get backsplash tiles in whatever material you want. If you want to keep your kitchen modern-looking, we suggest a chevron installation pattern if you’re looking for a more Bohemian vibe, then patterned ceramic tiles are the ideal choice. If you want to go for a timeless option, we recommend getting a simpler pattern.

4. Hardware Details

An efficient way of upgrading your kitchen is by simply changing the hardware and fixtures, like handles, knobs, sink taps, and even lighting fixtures can make all the difference. A popular design element seen in modern kitchens is the detachable sink faucet with a hose – it makes washing dishes easy and uplifts the overall look of the kitchen. Depending on the sort of look you want for your kitchen, you can try upgrading the lighting – gold, black, and rose gold lighting will glam up your space, but if you want to keep the kitchen cozy and moody, you can opt for chic shades in neutral tones.

Final Thoughts

The possibilities of kitchen renovations are endless. With so many kitchen redesign ideas to choose from, you can get the kitchen of your dreams with a few simple upgrades. To get the best deals and ideas, contact the experts at Can Do More Painting – Renovation & Design.

Kitchen reno ideas like minor cabinet modifications, new countertops, and backsplash, and upgrading your hardware fixtures can give a brand-new look to your kitchen. Whether you want to go for a monochromatic design or a modern Parisian type of kitchen – the possibilities are endless. Contact Can Do More Painting – Renovation & Design at 587-579-2423 to see how your kitchen can become your dream kitchen.


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