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Home automation allows you to control systems in your home with ease with the simple touch of a button. An advanced home automation system will give you easy control of your thermostat, window coverings, lighting, audio and video systems and home security. Many full service electrical companies specialize in all aspects of home automation. Here are some things you can do to add comfort, convenience and a little luxury to your home:

Climate Control

Your home’s temperature can be automated with controls that are integrated into a home automation system. Now you can easily conserve energy and save on your monthly bills by programming the right temperature for the right time of day.

Automated Lights and Blinds

Imagine coming home and having your blinds open automatically. Then when the sun goes down, so do your window coverings! Program your automated blinds to open and close at specific times during the day to best suit your schedule and lifestyle.

You can also control your lighting in the same way. Simplify your lighting system by getting rid of bulky banks of switches and using a discreet keypad and touch control anywhere in your home. Lights can be synchronized with blinds to make your home more energy efficient and to set the right mood in your home at specific times throughout the day.

Distributed Music and Video.

Set the mood for your dinner parties, enjoy music throughout your home on weekends and pump up those jams when you’re cleaning the house! Now you can have automatic access to iPods, internet, saved music files or broadcast radio channels to play music in any room of the house using touch screen and portable system controls. Home automation companies will plan your system with the right home stereo and sound system elements to ensure your music distribution is seamless and stylish.

In the same way, movies and video can be distributed to multiple televisions throughout the home eliminating cluttered TV stands and visible wires. You can have your video system distributed room to room without ever missing your favourite newscast, movie or television show.

Home Security

Your home security system could include features like outdoor security cameras, alarm and monitoring systems, automated door locks and more. All of these systems can be controlled from an easy-to-use touch pad and mobile devices, inside or outside of the home.

Home Theatre Systems

Create an authentic theatre experience right in your own home! Home automation companies can build a home theatre system that will allow you to watch movies and video with complete surround sound and high quality visuals with an integrated system with one touch controls.

Whole House Automation Systems

Integrate all of the above components into an entire house system. When choosing specific settings, here are some examples of how you can set things in motion with your home automation system:

When security is armed, shut off all the lights. 
When television screen comes on, lights in media room are dimmed.
If the security alarm goes off, all internal and external house lights flash.
Doorbell only buzzes between the hours of 8:00 am and 7:00 pm.
When security system is set to AWAY, doorbell ring triggers audio of large dog barking.
Automated blinds shut between 11:30 am and 3:00 pm. 


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