Simplifying and Decluttering Your Bathroom Renovation

When it comes to any good bathroom renovation in Saskatoon, designers agree that the name of the game is consistency and creativity. If low cost is important to you, finding the right bathroom renovation Saskatoon contractor who can install for a low price isn’t the only way to make affordable changes that completely alter the space itself. A few of the best way to simplify and declutter your new bathroom include:


Create Your Own Real Estate

No space is too small to get creative. Even in cramped quarters, proper use of the space can do wonders. This might include updating your windows and letting more natural light in, or even a fresh coat of paint. Creating real estate in your new bathroom isn’t just about cabinet space; it’s about the breathability of the bathroom itself. Just remember, this is your space: you make the rules.


Shelves, Mirrors, and Glass (Oh my!)

Mirrors give any room a sense of renewed spaciousness, and thematically they are one of the most familiar accents to a renovated bathroom. Shelves increase the room’s real estate even further (see above) and can provide space to accessorize and have a little bit of creative fun as well. And your choice of glass in the windows and for shower encasings and other ancillary structural pieces can make any bathroom feel wide open and organized.


Color Palettes

Creative use of color palettes can not only be stylish and aesthetically pleasing, but also serve a functional and organizational purpose for a bathroom. If you can color code and simplify when making design choices, you may find that a bathroom renovation can become a quick and easy way to organize a room according to color. Not only that, but the right use of colors can make a bathroom feel bigger and less clutter.


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