Six Tips For Renovating Your Cramped Kitchen

I know a lot of us want to have that fantastic and spacious kitchen, equipped with everything we need without it looking cramped. But if we have little space to start with, how can you renovate it to what you want it to look like? Fortunately, there are ways on how you can renovate a cramped kitchen without the hefty bills or over decoration! But how?

Read on as I show you six tips for renovating your cramped kitchen!

Six Tips For Renovating Your Cramped Kitchen

Want to make your small kitchen look bigger without the huge expenses? Here are some tips to follow:

  1. Bring On the Light

Are you planning on using dark colors in your kitchen? I would suggest that you save them from another room. If you want a brighter and more spacious kitchen, then lighten it up with right colors like Chai Latte or Popped Corn hues. That way, it adds a feeling of space.

I also recommend that you use incandescent lighting under your upper cabinets, which would shine on countertops. It increases shadowing your space and will make it look more spacious.

Another tip is to consider hanging pendant lights or even lighting on floors, which you can install under the base of your cabinets.

  1. Do NOT Waste Any Space

Even when we try to make the space, it just isn’t enough! In small apartments or small kitchens, it’s best to make use of what you have and to invest in appliances such as a high-quality garbage disposal or free-standing kitchen furniture, which would minimize the use of your countertops and minimize weighty feelings of the area.

Avoid wasting any space and to look into every nook and cranny, seeing what you can make out of what that area has to offer. That way, there are no empty spaces that look out of place, and your kitchen is usable in every corner without looking too cramped.

You can do this by creating more storage space, from using filler cabinets with sliders or installing pantry cabinets that can reach the ceiling!


  1. Large and Lighter Floor Tiles

This is a visual illusion known to be extremely useful! If you’ve noticed, tiny floor tiles can make any room link busy and cramped. But with larger tiles, the room likes and feels larger.

This is because you’re lessening the number of grout lines shown. I recommend that you go for tiles which aren’t smaller than 12×12 inch tiles. However, if you have a galley kitchen with a narrow center floor, then stick with smaller tiles, as it would look off if you use larger ones. If not, 18×18 inch tiles will look amazing!

  1. Squeeze Your Fridge

Do you have a huge refrigerator taking up so much space in your kitchen? Not only is it a waste of electricity but it can also take a toll on your kitchen’s aesthetics!

Instead of investing in bulky fridges, you can now choose a slim-line fridge, which is now gaining popularity for those who are living in condos and apartments with small spaces. These fridges aren’t only small and stylish, but they can also hold a lot of food items inside so you can utilize storage space. You can find these types of fridges online or at your local appliance stores.

  1. Downsize the Kitchen

You can start downsizing the kitchen by prioritizing its function before anything else. Ensure that you have all the appliances and work areas needed for meal prep or cooking. Through using innovative appliances or smaller versions of kitchen machinery, you’ll be able to save up a bit of space.

Try downsizing your sink, investing in smaller microwaves, or small-scale islands you can roll away to storage when you don’t need to use it. By utilizing the space while ensuring that the kitchen isn’t overloaded with appliances and whatnot, it will look amazing!

  1. Open It Up

Last but not the least, a room that’s open looks even larger than it looks. Small kitchens would look even smaller when it’s enclosed or when overhead cabinets tower just above your head and stay in tight spaces. It has you feel closed in!

That’s why it’s time to declutter and organize- going for open storage. Try shelves or using magnetic holders, or even pot racks. It has the kitchen look spacious while showing off attractive kitchen equipment.

Wrapping It Up

I hope that these six tips for renovating your cramped kitchen gave you an idea on what you can begin doing for a spacious and better-looking home today! So use any of these methods as a starting point for keeping your kitchen neat and looking amazing.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on home renovation, then comment below. Your thoughts

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