Solar panel contractors offering a holistic approach

When hiring a contractor for solar panels, you need to do some research. Any contractor that is worth their weight will offer their clients more than just services rendered. Good contractors will improve their client’s knowledge about their home, their energy needs, and new solar system. The contractor with the lowest bids is not always the best one. Paying for experience, knowledge, and honest customer service will add value to your project, home, and overall experience.

SolarNinjas Energy Solutions in Edmonton is a solar power installation company. They offer a well-rounded and holistic approach to their services and see their customers as people, not just another job. Here are some of the things you can expect when working with them:

Open communication and education

It’s important to know what your home needs when it comes to solar panels. Your typical power usage will dictate how many panels you need, for instance. Their SolarNinjas transparent and educational approach helps them to understand your current and future needs to develop the right solar system for your home. Sometimes a simple conversation can lead to an understanding, and that will ensure you get the most out of your solar panels, or any other project they’re helping you with.

Looking for opportunities to add value

SolarNinjas prides itself on value-added services to help cut down on future expenses. If you’re having your solar system installed, talk to them about your other electrical needs. If you’re thinking about installing a hot tub this winter, a panel upgrade with pre-wiring will help spread those costs out. They can even add it to your solar installation financing.

They can give you lots of tips for saving on your electrical upgrades, and even help you make a plan for the future. More than that, they’re there to help you with whatever you need. Tips on home automation, energy audits, even helping your find contractors and trades for other non-electrical projects you need help with. When you work with SolarNinjas, you’ll see the value they add to your project and experience.

Building codes are a minimum

The electrical code for residential homes is a 100 AMP electrical service, but for larger homes that might not be enough. Unfortunately, some builders will often go for the absolute minimum to save a few hundred dollars per house. Upgrading the panel after the fact is expensive and disruptive, so the little extra spend during construction is well worth it. It’s a frustrating thing about this industry and is reinforced by decades of homeowner renovations and equipment additions.

Enhanced wiring and upgraded electrical services allow for growth, better heating and cooling efficiency, and better performance from your solar panels. In some cases, it can be safer too. SolarNinjas doesn’t think the minimum code is enough now or in the future, and will plan for the future with enhanced standards!

Solar Panels in Edmonton

SolarNinjas Energy Solutions are your complete energy solutions provider. Whether you need an electrical repair, a renovation, a solar install, or a main panel upgrade, they can help. They will educate you on your solar and electrical system, and try to make the experience as positive, smooth, and enjoyable as possible. They also future-proof their work to avoid surprise costs down the line.

Reach out to SolarNinjas Energy Solutions today.

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