Soundproof ceilings for residential and commercial projects

Both commercial and residential properties benefit from stylish, functional, and soundproof ceilings that boost value and overall appeal. If you’re looking for a specialized ceiling for your home or business, you’ll need the help of an experienced drywall and ceiling contractor.

Ferris Deal Contracting in Winnipeg is a professional drywalling company. They share the types of soundproof ceilings and what multi-use perks they offer:

Suspended acoustic ceiling

Suspended acoustic ceilings are a secondary style of ceiling that is hung below the actual ceiling to help the acoustics and add visual appeal. It’s a great way to hide any electrical wiring or plumbing or add custom designs to the look. Acoustic ceilings are a great way to dampen otherwise noisy areas. Work areas with hard flooring or large meeting rooms where sound easily bounces will be less noisy with an acoustic ceiling.

In residential homes, those same benefits are equally popular in basement renovation. If you have a basement suite, then dampening upstairs sound will keep potential renters much happier.

Sound panels

Also referred to as acoustic panels, these also dampen the sound by limiting the reverberation and echo in a room. Where acoustic ceilings pair well with decorative designs and elements, sound panels are best to help absorb and diffuse loud or background noises. These can be used in private meeting rooms for commercial buildings to keep any voices from traveling inside or out.

In a residential home, sound panels installed in kids’ playrooms or a home theatre will keep the sounds within. Sound panels also come as horizontal or vertical panels, meaning installation on the walls is also an option.

Tectum panels 

Commercial spaces tend to be high traffic in nature and need materials that can stand up to impact and wear. With tectum panels, you get the benefits of soundproofing, but in a robust material. Unlike other soundproof materials, this panel can easily withstand repeated impact without damage. It’s also lightweight, so it’s easy to install on either walls or ceilings. Depending on the room where you need soundproofing, whether commercial or residential, having a robust option is always beneficial. Once installed, the panels will readily accept paint to add extra visual appeal to a home or impress potential customers.

Drywall Contractors in Winnipeg

Whether you need robust commercial-grade drywall or a residential renovation, Ferris Deal Contracting is the one to call. Their professionals are trained, experienced, and trustworthy when handling any scale of drywall work. With their help and skill, you can rest assured that any project will last and add great value.

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