Soundproofing a home theatre

Home theatre systems provide a space for entertainment and family-togetherness right at home. You can sit in your own comfortable theatre and watch the movie of your choice on the big screen with full surround sound – any time you want! Just don’t forget the popcorn.

Why sound proofing is important.

The quality of the sound and home theatre system is important, but so is how the room is sound-proofed. If the sound is leaking from the room, it will cause a disruption to other parts of the house during showtime. It can also disrupt neighbours. Having sound proofing can help isolate the sound coming out of your speakers, improving the acoustics and your overall experience. These are some of the reasons why sound proofing your home theatre room is important.

OFB on a Ladder Inc. in Calgary specializes in audio video integration and can help you set up your home theatre system. A big part of their business is sound-proofing. They share more information:

Sound proofing during renovations.

The best time to sound proof a room is during home renovations. Then you can install a special type of drywall that will absorb sound. This material is called zero-sound drywall and it is very thick. The benefit of having this in your home theatre room, is that you can paint it with normal paint and decorate the room however you like. Check out these home theatre decor ideas. 

You probably won’t want to rip out the drywall of the current room, which is why using this material works best during the construction phases of a new build or renovation.

Sound proofing an existing room.

For an existing room, a good contractor can still take care of wiring and installing the audio and video components of the theatre system. They can also make some suggestions for less evasive renovations like using a carpet flooring that rates high for sound dampening. You can use insulated drapes on windows or draped over the walls too.

Acoustic panels can be installed on the walls to give you better noise reduction. These panels are designed to isolate and absorb sound. They are not usually visually appealing to many, so you should be aware of that when making the choice.

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